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- 1 day ago

Light liberates. Joy, fun & bliss is path of heart. Awakening our inner Dance, freedom Be. Primal vibrancies whirl…

- 3 days ago

Each thought, breath's fire. Now moment births thought to wisdom. Breath held grace is Ours. Retain at roots aligh…

- 8 days ago

Watch Video: Nine Dimensions of the Goddess She destroys ignorance of all forms. She is S…

- 9 days ago

Important daily ritual: Light your Lamp. Lighting the Lamp manifest our inner fires. Source connect. Awakening ou…

- 10 days ago

Breath shared Within our Mother awake! In breath She is ecstasy. Celebrate Her. Lamp lit. AUM SAKTI AUM SAKTI AUM

- 11 days ago

May the Divine Goddess shine as our awake innate nature- compassion, empathy, nurturing, forgiveness, sharing, crea…

- 14 days ago

Article ⚡️ Awaken Our Super Mind- Ten Siddha Teachings. Everything is possible, anything is possible with Turiya! G…

- 14 days ago

Article ⚡️Awaken Our Super Mind- Ten Siddha Teachings Everything is possible, anything is possible with Turiya!…

- 15 days ago

Assign each thought- act⚡️shelf🔥discard🙌 Seek thoughts of core joy- align heart & mind. Greater vibrancy of thought…

- 19 days ago

RT @ConsciousnessDC: A good soul is one that feels the pain of others- Mahatma Gandhi Consciousness is the idea of our times- unstoppable…

- 19 days ago

Mahatma Gandhi united India in Consciousness. Mother India withstood challenges of invasions through ages, vote ba…

- 20 days ago

Freedom is gifts of #yoga in abundance, health, love, inspiration & wisdom. Yogic mind expands #Consciousness. Gro…

- 22 days ago

I mention "children of our ancestors" as traits of animal in us as fun & insight. Evolution & science is upgrading…

- 22 days ago

Our ancestor children. Have we evolved beyond cuteness 🙂 ?

- 24 days ago

Hold every relationship sacred- in love. Let love rebound! Tree #Sadhana Circumbulate around #Tree 9 times. Inhale…

- 25 days ago

Reach infinity & erase karmic patterns, sorrow, & emotions of mind. Beyond mind is womb of Divine- wish fulfilling,…

- 28 days ago

RT @OneLoveFestNow: PHASE I lineup JUST DROPPED! Get your tickets ~>

- 28 days ago

⚡️ Siddha Mantra Chant Music ⚡️ Ultimate blessings of Realized Sages is mantras to uplift Consciousness🐳 Meditate,…
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