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- 3 hours ago

Video #Pranayama Teachings Mastering breath align core harmony of higher vibrations. Though…

- 5 hours ago

River Vaigai Chants Chant. Be the vortex of Light

- 1 day ago

Our age old quest to be Superman is realized attaining higher consciousness #Turiya Multiply as eight dimensional-…

- 2 days ago

SivaSivaa Siddha Chakra Guided Meditation SivaSivaa initiation- journey of breath, Siddha m…

- 3 days ago

In the primal beat of joy in our heart is drums of celebration. Each breath to Source the Dancer, the Dance of Bei…

- 5 days ago

As Sun awakening the Moon within, arise. Our Mahatma, Soul Power She is. Lighting each chakra realities fulfill. Bl…

- 10 days ago


- 11 days ago

Attaining the flow, mastery simply is. Meditate - dance in stillness. Know. In knowing, gifts passion, focus & wil…

- 11 days ago

RT @swdhyanswaroop: AUM Ganapathy Namah!!! Lord of Root Chakra ⁦@nandhiji⁩ ⁦@AppleMusic

- 13 days ago

Listen: Track- Siddhi Ganapathy Album Invoke the Masters. Ganesa, Lord of Root Chakra bles…

- 13 days ago

Auspicious Victorious Awakening #GaneshChaturthi2019 Video: Art of Writing: Writing links…

- 15 days ago

RT @ConsciousnessDC: Hundreds Of Young People Strike In Front Of UN For Climate Action @HuffPost This rally preced…

- 16 days ago

Self knowledge is Freedom. Ritual: Light candle/ lamp. Light Lamp within with mantra chants. Nurture inner fire to…

- 18 days ago

Awake, happiness is our nature. Higher vibrations attracts desired realities in ease. Prayer: God Source protect m…

- 18 days ago

Powerful companion- Conch. In epic Mahabharath that birthed Bhagavad Gita there are 175+ characters. Each character…

- 19 days ago

Truth. Our inherent Consciousness withstood barbarism of invaders. Invaders forced religion to mass convert. Our…

- 20 days ago

Who am I is the greatest question asked by seekers through history. I am is realization of Masters. I am- Infinity,…

- 21 days ago

Good luck Divine Brother @amirkingkhan Represent as ambassador of Consciousness. #Ahimsa #MinorityRights…

- 21 days ago

Ancient Heart 💙🙏💛 Within our sanctum santorum is our ancient Lamp. Lit🔥 Alight in joys ascend in mantra fires. Love…

- 23 days ago

Power of Many as One is #Consciousness -mind of Sages. Awake as One, We are the many. Gift of genius & wisdom crea…
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