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- 8 hours ago

Who are the Mystical Siddha Yogis and what do they Teach?

- 12 hours ago

Nature is Worship of Self. In Five Elements experience Light. Earth, fluidity, fire, air & ether is Whole. Meditat…

- 1 day ago

Mastery of Consciousness

- 2 days ago

Lord Hanuman attained all Siddhis in tapas, Source unions. In singular focus, devotion & persistence dissolve limit…

- 2 days ago

In singularity of mind in unions with Source God Lord Siva is Lord Nandhi. In waterfalls of nectars of bhakti, cele…

- 3 days ago

Article: Grace of Food: Siddhar Wisdom Being the Universal Spirit with intent to fulfill ev…

- 5 days ago

In mantra fires She rises. Unite Her with Him. We are Sacred Unions. In stillness of Him She unites. In realms of m…

- 5 days ago

Love of God Source- Bhakti is wisdom. In wisdom, know joys of Source God unions. Light Inner Lamp. Be the Shrine Te…

- 6 days ago

Consciousness in the end is Victorious. Always. Consciousness is supermind knowing solutions. Supreme Self realized…

- 6 days ago

Primordial Adi Guru Lord Muruga is the Inner Fire within, Guru Consciousness awake. Awake shine in genius of joy, b…

- 7 days ago

Video: Goddess Gandhimathi Nellaiappar Lord Siva Temple is an ancient Lemurian age Temple o…

- 7 days ago

Video: Goddess Gandhimathi Nellaiappar Lord Siva Temple is an ancient Lemurian age Temple o…

- 7 days ago

Like the Lotus that emerges, let our consciousness blossom into Divine Light. Be Blessed! Be the Yogi! Arise in lif…

- 9 days ago

Meditate. In unions of Spirit & Soul is Knowing. Inspired, be the Many as One. Innate genius awakens in inspiration…

- 10 days ago

Podcast Time Wisdom- Time is experience, alignment of perceptions to emotions, wealth of li…

- 11 days ago

Consciousness is the Sacred Lotus, awake Crown Chakra, Wisdom. In #Consciousness dwells Goddess Mahalaxmi of spirit…

- 11 days ago

Merge mind, emotions, faith & prayers in singularity of Source God In unions is the joyful Dancer within stillness.…

- 12 days ago

🔥🕉🙏 Vannakam 🙏 Namaste Blessings 108 minutes in Whole 1 min Siddha Wisdom Set gap of 6 min in between each wisdom…

- 12 days ago

Six & Flower of Life symbol in all ancient civilizations denotes Consciousness. 6 translates thoughts to realities.…
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