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- 18 hours ago

RT @OneLoveFestNow: PHASE I lineup JUST DROPPED! Get your tickets ~>

- 1 day ago

⚡️ Siddha Mantra Chant Music ⚡️ Ultimate blessings of Realized Sages is mantras to uplift Consciousness🐳 Meditate,…

- 1 day ago

⚡️ “Be the Yogi!”

- 1 day ago

⚡️ “Master Consciousness Master Life”

- 2 days ago

Immortality of vibrant Light is enhanced through our meditative mind as wisdom of each. Serving the Now for each to…

- 4 days ago

Transform the limited human to vast Beingness of freedom! Dissolving "I" with We of Infinity, bridge Source with ti…

- 7 days ago

Supreme treasure is our heart song. Merging breath, thought & time in Source unions our inner music plays-flow! Aw…

- 8 days ago

Dance on the demon of ignorance. Dance on mind's rooftop. Dance in Being - epicenter of Infinity. In the Dance is s…

- 11 days ago

Awake! Timelessness in time dwell!

- 11 days ago

To even hear "Arunachala" once ensures our journey towards enlightenment. For thousands of years, millions have wo…

- 12 days ago

Video: Mystical Arunachala Shiva Girivalam To even hear "Arunachala" once ensures our journ…

- 12 days ago

Each breath remind ourselves of our vastness that enshrines our Soul. Jeevatma, our individual soul wakes up to be…

- 15 days ago

In #yoga surrender of body, mind and breath. Our inner fires burn karmic patterns in Source unions. Freedom of past…

- 17 days ago

Arunachala blessings <3 Sit as the Gopuram Pyramid four sides. In inhale surrender In retention ascend above gli…

- 21 days ago

Within each is our Goddess, Mother Kundalini- Pillar of Light. She is fulfiller of wishes- miracles of prayers. Sh…

- 23 days ago

Vast infinity beyond clouds of mind is Siva #Consciousness. In void stillness is vibrant Dance. Incubate prayers in…

- 26 days ago

Life is limited to number of breaths, human shelf-life. Immortality is space between breath holding breath, Spirit.…

- 29 days ago

Article: 12 Insights Within Yoga Siddhar wisdom is potent when applied to the practice of Y…
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