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- 4 days ago

Mahasivratri Preparation & Initiation of Pilgrimage Within Satsang, Nandhiji Feb 5 Sun 8PM PST…

- 5 days ago

Ultimate freedom is time of human experience dissolved in timelessness of Spirit Mind dissolved in mind beyond Mind…

- 7 days ago

Within each is an Angel with special wings of unique geniuses that awakens in realizing higher Self. Awakening to s…

- 12 days ago

Meditate. Ascend layers of Consciousness. Above beyond limits of mind is realm of goodness. With wisdom manifest desired heavens.

- 17 days ago

Video Goddess Varahi Mahalaxmi Narayani Mantra for loneliness, grief, pains of existence &…

- 18 days ago

Video Thiruvoodal Festival, Thiruvannamalai celebrates essence of relationship- quarrel bet…

- 20 days ago

In realizing Self in each other as the Soul of all living, We are awake. We know dharma as destiny & karma as fate.…

- 22 days ago

Conch Blessings of Pongal🌼 Gratitude celebrations of overflowing realities. In good health & vitality, love & happi…

- 22 days ago

Beyond breath, above mind is realm of Turiya, Supermind - Consciousness. Meditate. Align Timelessness & Infinity in…

- 22 days ago

Within each is Core. Alight the million Suns of Consciousness. Be the Many as One & One as Many. Aum Namah Sivaya Nandhiji

- 23 days ago

I am proud to belong to a religion which has taught the world tolerance & universal acceptance. We believe not on…

- 25 days ago

I We You Know We are Timelessness Define Time Aum Namah Sivaya Nandhiji 🙏🔥🙏

- 27 days ago

Yoga Nidra- master sleep. Dissolve entanglements of thought in mantra fires. Subdue mind in surrendering realities…

- 27 days ago

Consciousness is pure pristine wisdom of Being Aum Namah Sivaya

- 29 days ago

Real happiness is offspring of wisdom birthed from Consciousness. Aum Namah Sivaya

- 29 days ago

Podcast #InsightTimer Overcome Past Fear & Trauma. Unleash all potentials. Lord Siva Mantr…

- 30 days ago

Sleep in womb of Source God Goddess. Dissolve entanglements of thought in mantra fires. Subdue mind in surrender of…

- 30 days ago

All ups and downs in life is experience. Choose optimal experience. As lotus above waters of circumstances, Be the…

- 30 days ago

Video Vashishtakudi Vaidyanathar Lord Siva & Goddess Asanambigai Devi Temple, Thitikudi Lor…

- 33 days ago

Empower realities in attainments of wisdom. In between each thought is Womb of Source. Meditate 24/7 Alight eterna…
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