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- 17 minutes ago

“The only solution for every problem in the world is to raise our level of Consciousness.” – Nandhiji…

- 15 hours ago


- 18 hours ago

Path towards Light is gift of life times converging to Now. Meditate going inward to empower focus, creativity, gen…

- 1 day ago

Garuda is the awake eagle supermind, Lord Vishnu Blessings. Wisdom, intellect, knowing aligned with focus, genius &…

- 1 day ago

How to Deal with Impossible Problems

- 2 days ago

Light Inner Lamp, Lord Ganapathy. Arise victorious in mind blessed. Birthing potent wisdom, create Heavens. Blosso…

- 3 days ago

Be empowered in Infinity. Unions of Source God is Scriptures of the Now, Vortex of Light. Power of Light is Prayers…

- 3 days ago

RT @nandhiji: Video: Shree Padmanabhaswamy Lord Vishnu Temple. Anantha Shyanam is Eternal Yogic Sleep- Turiya. Bles…

- 3 days ago

Video- Lord Siva Guru Temple, 5th Kailasanathar Murappanadu- Blessings of Source God Siva,…

- 4 days ago

Awaken alighting Inner Guru. Mother Kundalini is Lamp within. Self realized wisdom of Source God liberates all limi…

- 5 days ago

Podcast - Nandhiji #InsightTimer Six Empowering Yogic Kriyas- Uplift Humanity in Consciousn…

- 5 days ago

Important First Prayers- Please GOD SOURCE Give Me Right Thoughts🙏 Seek Wisdom to unfold Heavens of each moment. Kn…

- 6 days ago

Goddess Mahalaxmi is realities of Abundance. Look at Yantra in intent as Prayers- Manifest! Wisdom unfolds Heavens.…

- 6 days ago

Health/Vitality SuperMind Willpower Abundant Empathetic Compassionate Clairvoyant Genius Resilient Wise Trus…

- 7 days ago

Pavannasam Lord Siva Temple 🛕 Burn limits of karma. Attain Light of Being. Chant: AUM NAMAH SIVAYA The New Now e…

- 8 days ago

Alight Inner Lamp of Humanity with Nandhiji

- 9 days ago

Garuda Eagle Blessings of Lord Padmanaba Vishnu 🙏 Above navel ascend- Be! Resting breath in Light Blossom- Lotus of…

- 9 days ago

Video: Shree Padmanabhaswamy Lord Vishnu Temple. Anantha Shyanam is Eternal Yogic Sleep- Tu…

- 9 days ago

God Goddess Source Almighty Infinity Void- All Names & Nameless- One & Many Worshiping All Paths to Consciousness…

- 11 days ago

Within is Supreme Self the Master of Life in Being. Seeking our highest potential within- seek, meditate, Be! Journ…
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