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- 2 days ago

Vibrating Light celebrate each moment as miracles of life💫 Bells ring activating resonance of Source vibrancies. Ut…

- 5 days ago

Breath holds heaven in experience & magical realities. #Practice Inhale from roots. Retain breath merged in Source…

- 7 days ago

Lord Vishnu is the awake mind. Mindful aware insightful resourceful creative meditative knowing is blessed with foc…

- 8 days ago

We are vast Self We are Light Warriors🦚 We are #Consciousness All Gods of all religions ours All saints of all pa…

- 10 days ago

Thoughts born of mind is of karmic patterns - fate. Wisdom beyond mind, Consciousness, creates destiny. Meditate to…

- 11 days ago

Sad ignorance- blind religions seeking to convert others into blindness. Religion of #Yoga Awaken Christ within & b…

- 11 days ago

Video: Primordial mantra of Sages to enlighten, be protected, awaken wisdom, destroy karma,…

- 13 days ago

Each breath holds Light enough to move mountains. Lead mind to wisdom in mantra fires. In inhale as farmer seed in…

- 13 days ago

RT @ConsciousnessDC: Science wins @NobelPrize The 2019 #NobelPrize in Physics has been awarded with one half to James Peebles “for theoreti…

- 16 days ago

Video: Lord of Light, Muruga #Thiruchendur Ancient Temple- vortex of enlightenment & grace.…

- 17 days ago

Wait till the end. Watch Her as grace come. The Dance 🦚⚡🔯🕉🙏 May our each moment Be🔥

- 17 days ago

Dance merging timelessness & time. In Source unions is ecstasy of Being that answers prayers. Awake joy creates de…

- 17 days ago

RT @ChristineCunni: Nine Dimensions of the Goddess: Navratri Grace via @YouTube. The soundtrack is beautiful, too.…

- 19 days ago

Vriksasana Tree posture enhances thoughts potency. Connect Source with intent. Seek Consciousness for humanity. Whi…

- 20 days ago

Invoking Goddess Skandamata know ourselves to be Child of Cosmos- grace of realization. She is grace of Divine Femi…

- 20 days ago

RT @ConsciousnessDC: Oct 2 India celebrates the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Throughout the day in every state and city anima…

- 21 days ago

Power of One is Many. The We⚡ Awaken & Be! Turiya states of timelessness of Spirit multiplies mind- awakening uniqu…

- 22 days ago

Video: Abundant grace of #Navratri Nine Dimensions of the Goddess: Consciousness Sutra 76-…

- 23 days ago

RT @ChristineCunni: Yoga Tip: Power of Yogic Focus- Mastery of Consciousness Teachings via @YouTube

- 24 days ago

Blessings of uplifting realities! #Navaratri Nine Nights of the Goddess🙏 Awaken our Divine Feminine in breath, in p…
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