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- 6 hours ago

In humility We evolve in the flow of wisdom. The Wise lead. Aum Namah Sivaya Nandhiji

- 9 hours ago

Siddha Sage Vallalar Adigalar Ramalingaswamigal dematerialized into Light 1850 Mantra to Evolve ARUL PERUM JYOTI…

- 10 hours ago

God Goddess Source is Oneness Saivam Vetri We Triumph 🔥🙏🔥 Aum Namah Sivaya Nandhiji #Nandhiji #Ahimsa…

- 10 hours ago

The greatest gift we can give ourselves is to journey within, attain Consciousness & fulfill our highest aspiration…

- 1 day ago

Sheer blessings! Happiness darshan- vision. Source God Goddess in living Joy Aum Namah Sivaya Saivam Vetri Consc…

- 1 day ago

Inner Sun Awake Be 🙏 Aum Namah Sivaya Nandhiji

- 2 days ago

Podcast- Stories of the Mystical Siddhas: Guru Ayya Narayanar & Avatar Vaikundar - Resolve Spiritual Challenges wit…

- 3 days ago

Awakening to Be our Higher Self, merge in Heart Unions. Bringing all opposites together, Be the Oneness of God Godd…

- 4 days ago

Podcast w Nandhiji 5PM PDT Wed 29 Six Yogic Teachings To Rebirth Million Times Greater Event-…

- 4 days ago

Free Online Event Sat March 25 10- 11am PDT Stories of the Mystical Siddhas: Guru Ayya- Resolve Spiritual Challenge…

- 4 days ago

Wish our human family! Imagine the intent of Sanathana Dharma: Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam which means all living beings…

- 4 days ago

Being eternal student of Consciousness, master life. Aum Namah Sivaya Nandhiji

- 6 days ago

Free Online Event Saturday, March 25 · 10- 11am PDT Stories of the Mystical Siddhas: Guru Ayya- Resolve Spiritual C…

- 7 days ago

Divine Feminine Arise! Mother Aditi, Infinity She is Mother Kali, Time She is Mother Durga, Empowered She is Mot…

- 8 days ago

Lord Bhairava- Source of Supreme Eternal Wealth Through the eyebrows with third eye focus, destroy thoughts. Be Et…

- 8 days ago

Amplify in Being Aum Namah Sivaya Nandhiji

- 9 days ago

Lord of Infinity is the Dance within Atom & Universes- the Light. Lord Siva is the Stillness worshipped by all the…
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