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- 45 minutes ago

Loneliness is instilled in each to find our Whole #Sadhana Step outside to our Sky. Be breath, Air. Reside breath…

- 1 day ago

RT @DariusNow: If you missed @nandhiji today on the The Energy of Miracles, you missed him share secrets on clearing money karma and creati…

- 1 day ago

RT @DariusNow: We have a great #YouWealthRevolution sessions for you this week, and we’re kicking it off with @nandhiji as he shares an aut…

- 3 days ago

Siddha Secrets to Clear Money Karma & Create Infinite Wealth Interview Darius Barazandeh & Nandhiji Mon Jan 14 1pm…

- 8 days ago

#HappyNewYear2019 Awakening 2019! Six Gifts of the Yogi: Reckon Consciousness! Watch video:

- 11 days ago

Each thought forms cloud like from the imprints of karma. Climb above to adorn infinity, primal identity of avatar,…

- 12 days ago

RT @ConsciousnessDC: Video Have you ever wondered what animals think and feel? The mystery is, why don't they hurt…

- 16 days ago

RT @maxtucci: Tonight on #MAXandFriends #NewYear show with @nandhiji Release the power within. Tune in Ch.1 8p…

- 17 days ago

Liberated, the religion. Hinduism includes. In Consciousness we are goodness+++ content of all religions. Consciou…

- 17 days ago

Compassion is wisdom of the awake. Extending love to all humanity & all life forms, worship is. Christ Consciousnes…

- 17 days ago

In timlessness is our embryo of Consciousness. In grace light is daily discipline to expand more each 24 hr cycle.…

- 19 days ago

Seeking Light, expand in Being. Unions with Source each breath awakens mind to blossom. Wisdom arises liberating mi…

- 21 days ago

Merry Christmas! Christ be birthed in each as Consciousness. Awake in compassion, love, empathy, kindness, nonviol…

- 23 days ago

Video: Rainbow of Oneness- United Humanity Prayers Song Consciousness be birthed in each!…

- 29 days ago

Being Love inherit Angels! Be. Aum Namah Sivaya

- 29 days ago

Spiral is sacred energies. Create altar space. Circumbulate around altar in prayers to contain All. Wrap infinity i…

- 33 days ago

Arise. Each breath inhale from roots awakening the Lamp. Kindle fires of joy. Ascend in retention. Exhale as Pill…

- 34 days ago

RT @ConsciousnessDC: The inherent intrinsic right of every human across the globe is Consciousness. Where Consciousness is, human rights ex…

- 37 days ago

Inner Pilgrimage of Awakening: Mahashivratri with Nandhiji -Realize Super Consciousness. -Detox -Energize life -Al…

- 38 days ago

Meditate on Source of breath. Wade above the mind where heaven is the Now. The Dancer's dance of inspired fires i…
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