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- 2 days ago

Article: Yoga Wisdom: Power of Tapas::: A Yogi is a natural achiever & leads by way of accomplishment. Empowerment…

- 2 days ago

Article: Power of Tapas A Yogi is a natural achiever & leads by way of accomplishment. Empo…

- 3 days ago

Book Mastery of Consciousness is potent mystic Siddha wisdom of transformation🔥 Awake, our unique genius shines cre…

- 3 days ago

Shocked our Mastery of Consciousness book is as used by third parties for $177 on Amazon. We ran out of first print…

- 4 days ago

Indomitable will manifests impossible realities. Yoga is attainment of tapas- awake kundalini fires with intent in…

- 8 days ago

Consciousness is freedom- gift of Being. #Sadhana Chant RaMa RaMa RaMa Align Trinity- -Infinity Akash. -Soul dwe…

- 9 days ago

Empower meditative depth through Puja. Invoke Infinite in finite- unions of Soul & mind. Celebrate Source rousin…

- 11 days ago

Thought birthed from infinity is pure wisdom. Incubate intent in the womb of breath surrendered in Source. Bridge S…

- 14 days ago

Lamp within lit. Pillar of Light Be. #Sadhana - Gently retain breath from roots. - Alight mantra fires. - Above n…

- 17 days ago

The inner Sun is all absorbing, understanding, forgiving, comforting and allowing. Resting the mind within, wade in…

- 18 days ago

Numbers envisioned by super-minds of yogis of ancient India. Consciousness is expansive intellect of infinity- tim…

- 20 days ago

Master Consciousness, Master Life- Interview with Nandhiji Aligned to Source, the Light of radiance is pure beauty.…

- 21 days ago

Master Consciousness Master Life!

- 21 days ago

Each thought Angels in blessings Be Aum Namah Sivaya

- 21 days ago

Video: Interview with Nandhiji Master Consciousness Master Life. With @simulationshow

- 21 days ago

Interview with Nandhiji: Master Consciousness, Master Life! Mastery of Consciousness - Celebrations! Mastery of C…

- 24 days ago

Video: Awaken the SuperMind: Guru Purnima Satsang Ten Siddha teachings to attain turiya, yo…

- 24 days ago

Guru Purnima- Awaken our Super-Mind

- 24 days ago

Guru Purnima- Awaken our Super-Mind
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