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- 1 day ago

Six Tips on Creativity & Mastery

- 2 days ago

18 Siddha Teachings of Yogam NANDHIJI

- 2 days ago

Every mantra has its core of the dance. Be the dancer within stillness & stillness within the dance. Grace of timel…

- 2 days ago

18 Siddha Wisdom Teachings of Yogam 21 June 6AM PST Video: #InternationalDayOfYoga…

- 3 days ago

Ultimate attainment of yogam is Turiya sleepless sleep supermind born of inspired fires of Knowing. Supreme Conscio…

- 4 days ago

In yoga is states of joy from seeds of mantra fires of Source unions. Residing in vibrant grace of invoked presence…

- 6 days ago

Ultimate destiny of lifetimes in the Now is Light our Inner Lamp🔥 Mantra AUM NAMAH SIVAYA Dissolve pains solitude…

- 6 days ago

Question: What about Aliens? We are Six Dimensional Being, Grace of Pleiades Lord Muruga In Consciousness We are…

- 7 days ago

Eight Blessings of Yogam Event June 21 11am pst Online Register Awakening grace potential…

- 8 days ago

Saddhu Krishnaveni Amma meditated 30+ years in cave here: Kalyana Thirtham Sage Agastyanathar was given Vision Dhar…

- 11 days ago

Question: How is stillness attained in meditation over length of time? Siddha Sage Ayya sat meditating 18 years unm…

- 14 days ago

SiVa is sacred space containing Universes. Counting grains of sand of all beaches across globe is number- 6 sextill…

- 15 days ago

Mantra grace Aum Namah Sivaya consumes subconscious mind in Light. Nurture sleep into womb of sleepless sleep. Ble…

- 17 days ago

No matter how challenging realities is, recognize mind as Siddhartha transforming to be Buddha. In breath retained…

- 21 days ago

Eight Essentials of Yogam, Blessings of Yoga with Nandhiji

- 22 days ago

Satchidananda is name of Lord Siva, Bliss Form of Being- the Golden. Aligning the golden sunrise/sunset, golden fla…

- 27 days ago

Conch Resonance Blessings Nandhiji AUM ARI AUM Mantra Grace Adi Sokkar Sacred Resonance Prayers #Consciousness…

- 27 days ago

Expand Consciousness to be many Buddhas of We. Realizing our origin of Being, affirm "I am timelessness experiencin…

- 28 days ago Enjoy Grace of Vision Siddha Dharshanam Art NANDHIJI 3D Paintings created of Supermind Tur…

- 31 days ago

Siddha Dharshanam Art: Story | Nandhiji
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