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- 8 hours ago

Affirmation each breath A U M N A M A H S I V A Y A Recite Awakening 🔥 Grace Infinity Breath Existence Sour…

- 1 day ago

Transform thoughts to wisdom in breath. Above Navel transcend limits of emotions, mind & body. Inhale from roots. R…

- 3 days ago

Through ups & downs of realities, mind & breath, delve in core of universe within universes. Within is harmony, joy…

- 3 days ago

Destiny within each is to wake up to the truth We are- vast blessed Spirit. All Lord Siva Temples hold promise of e…

- 5 days ago

Light Inner Lamp 🔥 REENG ANG UNG GANAPATHYE NAMAH AUM : Alight Lamp 🪔 : Walk clockwise around Altar : Recite in b…

- 6 days ago

Heal relationships around us. Heal humanity. Immerse in sacred water vortex of Lord Muruga, Thiruparankundram. Awak…

- 6 days ago

Siddha Mantra to Help You Attain Highest Spiritual Consciousness - India Sacred Site Recording

- 7 days ago

Register Now, May 1 at 1 pm PT Siddha Grace will Make the Impossible Possible in Your Life

- 7 days ago

Mantra Grace to Remove all Blocks from Your Life Siddhi Ganapathy Empower the Root Chakra

- 7 days ago

Namaste Meaningful Potential

- 8 days ago

Aligning to Consciousness with Six Master Keys makes the Impossible Possible. Event: May 1 1PM PST Register…

- 8 days ago

Freedom is ultimate aspiration of human

- 10 days ago

There are Six Master Siddha Keys that can help transform any situation, overcome any challenge & find the new path…

- 11 days ago

Retain breath in Oneness Alight mantra ARAKARA SANKARA JAYA JAYA SANKARA Enter Heart sanctum sanctorum Lord Th…

- 14 days ago

Make the Impossible Possible Event with Nandhiji May 1 1PM PST Activate Six Master Siddha K…

- 14 days ago

Mahavatar Babaji_ Presence & Vision

- 14 days ago

Andreas Experience With Nandhiji Story

- 14 days ago

Video Dec 05, 6 30 13 PM

- 14 days ago

Andreas Experience With Nandhiji

- 14 days ago

The Siddha Mantra for Manifestation Create New Realities
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