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“These are moments when the intense enlightened energies of the Sages, as consciousness, reach each of us in ease. My purpose is to be the joyful instrument that can uplift humanity to amazing possibilities of consciousness. Imagine a million Mahatma Gandhis, Rumis and Einsteins! This is a possibility in our times. We are the realities of this consciousness.” – Nandhiji

Nandhiji is a Siddha yogi, humanitarian & visionary awakening humanity through mystic wisdom, community and service. He is an artist, ecstatic chant musician, author and teacher- representing the path of the Liberated.

Nandhiji shares the life enhancing wisdom and teachings of the Siddha Sages, the liberated mystics of South India.

Nandhiji was gifted with a childhood experience of the Divine when he was four years old. Later as a young adult while leading an active life of family, he was initiated through a death experience by his first Guru, and his journey into the mystical realm of the Siddhars as a yogi began.

After years of seeking “wholeness” through connection with the inner world, Nandhiji woke up to understand his highest purpose: to uplift humanity in consciousness.

One of the fruits of his journey are offered in this book, “Mastery of Consciousness.” Nandhiji says, “When we awaken the inner Lamp, we liberate ourselves to the grace of our own wisdom, our Inner Guru, and we connect to the grace of an ancient lineage of Gurus. When awake, we shine our unique genius, enabling us to be the Master in our heart’s calling. With Consciousness, we tap into the grace of yoga, called ‘Yogam’. Yogam means tapping into ever-present abundant and harmonious realities, knowing our highest purpose, being inspired, being in good health, and being like the Sun—whole and radiating!”

Nandhiji envisions a humanity awake through yogic wisdom, enterprise and community.

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His Three Visions are: 

World Yogi Day: Empower Yourself- Be the Yogi: www.worldyogiday.com
Ariven Community: Global sanctuaries for retired animals, yoga community, biodynamic farming: Empowering Communities www.ariven.org
Declaration of Consciousness Movement: Empowering Humanity: www.declarationofconsciousness.org



Book: Mastery of Consciousness- Awake the Inner Prophet: Break the limits of mind, body, and circumstances- by Nandhiji
Handsigned by Nandhiji
Mother India

Music: Turiya Nada- Siddha Inner Fire Mantra Chants

Siva Sivaa: Siddha Guided Chakra Meditation Teachings: Light the Lamp within and attain the awake mind of a Yogi

Kalangi Kundalini Yoga: Level One- Basics DVD:  mystic yoga of the Siddha Sages.  Health, wealth and wisdom is the natural realities of Consciousness.
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Book: Mastery of Consciousness- Awaken the Inner Prophet