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Ancient Teachings: Wisdom of the Siddhar Sages

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Celebrations and Special events:Mahasivarathiri 2005
Guru Purnima Wisdom 2008
Guru Purnima 2006
Goddess Energies of Her Nine Dimensions: Navrathri
India’s First Independence Day Photos
Navrathri Yoga Wisdom

Devotional songs:

Sing for World Peace: Shalom!
Songs of Thiruvannamalai Guhai Namah Sivaya
Siddhar Songs
Ganesh Pancharathna Stotram
Peace to All: Sarvesham Svasti Bhavatu
Thiruvasagam The Ecstasy of Spirit: Siddhar Maha Siva Swamy
Lingashtakam: sacred prayers to Lord Siva
Mantra Songs of Lord Muruga: Muthai Tharu by Arunagirinathar
Songs of Adi Sankara

Expanding Thoughts:

cave thought
Power of Thiruvannamalai / Arunachala
Mahavakyas Great Wisdom Words
Yogic Science of Ancient India
Rare Tirupati Balaji Darshan
Sacred Cow: Divine Mother Article 108
Siddhar Awakenings: Yogic Tips
Tantric Celibate? Celibate Tantric?
Ancient India’s Contribution
Womb of the Goddess and Yoga
Sacred Womb
Yogic Feast
About Turiya Yoga
Siddhar Subtle Yogic Truth Yoga Insight
Unfold a magical 2007! Yogic Tips
Samadhi Wisdom
Cosmic stomach of yoga
Time Calculation in the Vedas
Speed of Light & the Vedas
Yoga & the Sun of Awareness
Secrets of 108
Saddhus Thoughts: yoga tips / insights
Inspiring Grace of Yoga
Born Again
Mrityunjaya Mantra Victory Over Death
Death & Tantra Deeper insights on yoga
Insight of Siddhars- Unfolding New Day!
Yoga Nidra: Empowered Yogic Sleep
ARIVEN The most powerful word of this century
Transcending Energies of Union: Manifestations
Loud Silence
Journey of the Yogi
Grace that translates wisdom to intellect
Secrets within the yogic mantra
Sacred Yoga of Sound
What are Vedas?
Space and Cosmology in the Hindu Temple
Dance of Kundalini
More on 108
Mystical 12
What is Dharma?


Gods and Goddesses:Siddhi Ganapathy
108 Names/Meanings of Ganapathy
Lord Muruga: Mannanalum Thiruchenduril Mann Aaven by T.M.S
Lord Muruga & 108 names
The Goddess and Yoga
Sacred Gayathri Mantra
Harivarasanam: Swamy Ayyappa
Goddess Laxmi
100 Names of Goddess Maha Kali
Jyothir Lingams
Vishnu SahasranamaGurus:My Gurus
Guru’s Powerful Humility Sri Ramakrishna
Adi Atma Sakthi & Mahatma Gandhi
Peace: Swami Vivekananda
Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa
Trinity of Awakening: Adi Sankara
Siddhar Religion- Baba Nataraj
Maha Avatar Babaji Presence and Vision
Sri Ramana MaharishiHealthy Living:101 Intellectual Reasons to be Vegetarian
Why eat vegetarian?
Ghee Ayurveda
7 Spices Ayurveda
Quotes on Vegetarianism
Vegetarian- Deeper Truth 


Meditation and Powers (Siddhis)
Granthis/ Three Knots & Yoga



Newsletter Archives Guru Purnima


Pranayama and Bandhas:

Yogic Feast
Borrowed breath of yoga
Balancing Practice
Yoga of the Perfected Beings
Surya Namaskar Benefits
Yoga Tip 5-Source of Rejuvenation
Secret Breath of Vasi -2
Yogi Tip 3 Prana

Quotes from the Masters:

Quotes of Siddhars
Wisdom of Mahatma Gandhi (in his own words)
Select Quotes of Mahatma Gandhi


Saints:Saints of Thiruvannamalai Guhai Namah Sivaya
St Francis of Assisi
Yogic Penance of St Francis of Assisi
Mahatma Gandhi
Jnaneswar Biography
Thiru Appar Servant of Siva
Kabir: The essence of the Guru
Thiru Gnana Sambanthar Son of Siva
Thiru Sandarar Friend of SivaSiddhars:Vallalar & the Siddhars
Quotes of Siddhars
Milarepa, the Tibetian Siddhar
About Siddhars
210 Siddhars
Siddhar Tapasyogi Mahasiva Swamy Initiation
Who is Lord Siva: Thirumandiram by Siddhar Thirumulanathar
Blessings of Three Sages
Siddhar Idaikattu Nathar
Jesus, Isa Nathar
Siddhar’s-Their birth Star and place of samadhi
Invoke Siddhars
Siddhar Ramadevanathar Yogic Prayer
Jnana Siddhiar
Thiru Manicka Vasagar Messenger of Siva
Siddhar Konganavar
Yogic Question Siddhar Bhadhragiriyar
Alluhini SiddharYoga:About Turiya Yoga
Yoga Reality
Yogi Tip 1- Practice
Yogi Tip 2 – Karma
Yogi Tip 3 Prana
Yogi Tip 4- Asana of Wisdom

Yoga of inspiration
Basic Kalangi Yoga!
Yoga that empowers
Tantric Awakenings
Yogic Cold Showers
Yoga Tips: Be the Emperor
Yoga Tips No 8
Yoga Tips No 9

Reality Secrets
Tsunami & Yoga
Siva Yogi’s Tips: Pleasure of living!
Evolving Energies of Yoga
Yogi & Wealth- Yogam
Yoga into higher self- Yoga Tips
Yoga Insights/Tips Feb 2007
Yoga of transformation
humm of the eternal brahmara nadi
Yoga and running
Kundalini The Yogini
Tapas: Inner Fire Meditative Penance
Yoga Body
Tantira Yoga
Yoga and the Focus
Yoga Journey
Yoga of Surrender
Yogic Secret of “AAA”
Secret Breath of Vasi -2



PLATO “Until Philosophers are kings, or kings have the spirit of Philosophy, cities will never have rest from their troubles.”
ARISTOTLE “If it is in our power to act nobly, it is also in our power to do evil.”
EPICURUS “No pleasure is a bad thing in itself”
CICERO “Virtue is the foundation of friendship” “…We live but for a moment”
MARCUS AURELIUS “…We live but for a moment”
SEVERINUS BOETHIUS “The good are always strong”
DESIDERIUS ERASMUS “Fortune favours the fool.”
THOMAS MORE “All princes have more delights in warlike matters… than in the good feats of peace”
NICOLAUS COPERNICUS “Therefore the earth is not flat.”
FRANCIS BACON “if a man will begin with certainties, he shall end in doubts; but if he will be content to begin with doubts, he shall end in certainties.”
REN’E DESCARTE “Cogito, ergo sum” [I think, therefore I am]
THOMAS HOBBES “…the life of man, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short”
BLAISE PASCAL “Man is but a reed, the most feeble thing in nature, but he is a thinking reed.”
BARUCH SPINOZA “all things are in God”
ISAAC NEWTON “I am only a child playing on the beach, while vast oceans of truth lie undiscovered before me.”
JOHN LOCKE “I have always thought the actions of men the best interpreters of their thoughts”
GOTTFRIED LEIBNIZ “the soul is the mirror of the universe”
GEORGE BERKELEY “Essence IS perception”
DAVID HUME “It is never possible to deduce judgements of value from matters of fact”
JEAN_JACQUES ROUSSEAU “Man was born free, and everywhere he is in irons.”
IMMANUEL KANT “Reason is the pupil of itself alone. It is the oldest of the sciences”
THOMAS PAINE “Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one”
MARY WOLLSTONECRAFT “I do not wish them to have power over men; but over themselves.”
G.W.F.HEGEL “God is the absolute truth.”
RALPH WALDO EMERSON “A man is a god in ruins.”

Gratitude to my Gurus, the divine masters! aum


Siddhar Maha Siva