Alluhini Siddhar


Alluhini Siddhar


1.Moola padhi adiyho mu irandu veedhadhilae

    The muladhara among the six houses is the foot of the Lord

“amongst the six chakra, the divine houses of the source’s presence, the sacred beginning is the muladhara, the root chakra 


    Kola padi adiyho kudharkka theru naduvae

    The controversials centre of the street (sushumna) is the beautiful foot of the Lord

from the center arises the sushumna, the golden light as in sacred geometrical perfection in presence


    Bala padhi thanilae thanalai vallarthha kambam

    The (eternally)young Lord himself grew as a column of fire (kundalini)

the eternal, youthful presence arose from within as the the pillar of fire, the kundalini


    Maela padhi thanilae yen kanamma! Villhaiyattai paraenho !

    The Lord who stands above (at the sahasra) my dear girl,witness the (divine)games (Lila) he sports 

my sweet heart, kundalini, arise above and lets be the witness to the divine unfolding synchronicity of all beneath and around us!”





7.Kollan ulai pola kothikudhadi yen vayiru

     Like the black-smiths furnace my stomach boils my dear

     Nil yendru sonnal nilai niruthha kooduthillai

     When I ask (the life) to stop (without departing;dying) that state of retention (the art of wilfull-death known in Sanskrit as iccha mrityu) doesn’t materialize

“with extreme determination, i try to master the state of sustaining the body with life that i leave behind in the state of samadhi


     Nil yendru solliyallo nilai niruthha vallarkku

     For those who had mastered the art of retention of life (within the body)

     Koll yendru vandha yaman yen kanamma!kudiyodi pohano!

     Even yama (the Lord of death) who’d come to kill and take away the life my dear,would scamper away with his assistants 

to master this art is to attain immortality of the body, my sweet heart, kundalini!”


Ootrai sadalamadi uppirundha pandamadi

     This body of loose flesh my dear,is a vessel that contained salt(worth a few minerals)

“this body vessel is of different minerals coming together


      Matri pirakka marundhu yenakku kittu vadhillai

      To take birth again I’m unable to get hold of the necessary medicine

      Matri pirakka marundhu yenakku kittum yendral

      To take birth again if I get hold of the apt medicine

      Ootrai sadalam vittae yen kanamma!un padham saeraeno!

      I would get rid of this body of loose flesh my dear,and mingle with Your (Gods)  feet!

there is the science of being able to sustain the body infinitely through siddha medicines and if i knew this science, this higher wisdom will instead wish me to go beyond the desire to keep this fleshy body and instead seek the body to be light!”




10.Payyoorilae irundhu pallhoorilae pirandhu

       From the land of the bag (womb) I took birth in this forsaken-land

“from the karmic baggage i took birth as human


       Meyooril povadharkku Vedanta veedu yerinaen

       To go to the True-land (heaven),I climbed on to the house of Vedanta (Oneness)

to go to my true home, i climbed above to the wisdom of oneness


       Meyoorir povadharkku Vedanta veedu arindhal

       To go to the True-land,if I were to realize the vedantic philosophy

        Payyoorum meyoorum yen kanamma! Pallai mudiyavo!

        The land of the bag and the true-land my dear,would be forsaken (the realized person doesn’t even yearn for heaven)! 

upon reaching this wisdom of oneness, the desire for human birth reality and the desire for realms of oneness, both dissolved… at the state of turiya, the sleepless sleep,  my sweet heart, kundalini!”



-translated from original Tamil by Suresh and nandhi



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