ARIVEN The most powerful word of this century


ARIVEN the most powerful word of this century


entwined in the aum

is the knowing!

the knower.

the realized truth in namaste
below is a siddhar sage
take the sacred darshan of him!
he is a tapas yogi, a sivayogi in meditative fire of silence and its joys for over 45 years.
away from the needs of the external, including publicity
he is a sivayogiguru elder
here in santa monica as the extended energies of east in human form
receive his grace!
ariven baba nataraj with a blackbird feeding from his hands 

‘ari’ is the wisdom grace

ari is the love formed body of yoga, that is sat-chit-ananda, the human form of the cosmic infinite.

ari is the lotus above the mind that yoni like as inspiring joys of knowing that manifests each thought. 

ari is the possession of a crystal mind, pure and aligned in source.
ari is the higher knowing eternally alight in human realities.

ariven is the condensed sound and meaning of ‘i am’  that dwells in the three dimensions of the goddess- time, energy and space, united in the oneness of the infinite.

in our namaste we offer our soul’s joy of each breath in recognition of the grand oneness to all the living.

oneness of the moment

as spirit in our yogic experience of knowing inner joys lit each day in the physical, is the body and mind burnt constantly by  the meditative fires of repetitive one thought of source and the thoughtless void of source. the fire within is the tapas,the meditative energies that creates the womb-like warmth  of tummo.  this inner fire is the warm blanket for the mind to summon and into this fire, to surrender of body consciousness to be the experience of being lit as the eternal lamp within.

guided each breath in the knowing of purpose.

abraham lincoln was ariven. mahatma gandhi, st francis of assisi…. socrates.

swamy vivekananda asked this question, ” which god will a cat’s god be to a cat”  the obvious answer of
“… a big cat god that purrrrrrs? 🙂 ” awakens us to our own mind when related to all others.

the questions awakens us to the kaleidoscope of each of us in our perception of the divine when awake to celebrate the one in our multifaceted mind dissolved to be the experience. the experience of oneness within is awake to the infinite finite forms in the external. the soul recognizing all other souls as one.
as we the sages express, ‘..below the tree, each of us see a different ray of light; but rising above the branches of ignorance, there is the one eternal light. that light is expressed below in the ego level, in so many tongues… as religious paths!

each of us in our  beautiful colorful unique journeys, the divine angelic forms enjoying the human experience.

the she and he within ourselves, both dissolved beyond gender in being ariven and shinning in the exclusive creative unique siddhis we each are graced to enable evolve.
knowing purpose, the siddhis assist awakened as the collective thought of the awake.
invoking energies in singing gratitude
knowing the only tears in the human reality as that in gratitude of the moment

ariven we each are as receivers of grace!

in our breath’s exhale, the awakener in presence.

the awakened in the retention of breath.

the awake, living in the tranquil breath.

the new eternal age
our unfolding renaissance
as manifested ancient wisdom
in the crisp inspiring joys 



that which we are
oneness knowing
joys awakened
blessings and love to and from each of us, in the wholeness of being ariven!
we the awake!
jai guruve thunai!
tapasyogi adiyen nandhi ariven
with folded hands and love! anbe sivam




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