Basic Kalangi Yoga!


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Basic Kalangi Yoga


Yogic Flow: the inner realm truths


Kalangi Yoga: 
Kala means time. Angi means clothes. Kala-angi means, the one who wears time as clothes. Kalangi Yoga is the yoga of being Spirit that is able to transcend dimensions of time. Nandhi describes his teaches as Kalangi Yoga as he received his initiation through the death experience at Sri Kalahasthi with the ancient Siddhar Kalanginathar being his first guide through through this mystical yoga.
The prior name was Turiya Yoga.
These insights applied in our daily yoga practice enables the benefit of wellbeing, alignment with Source and an empowered mind.
1. As we do the Sun Salutation (click here to download a picture, if you wish to start your yoga practice today), bring our awareness to the right, the sun energy of breath. Likewise, bring our awareness to the left breath, the moon energy. Awareness and harmonizing of the sun and moon in breath enables us to tap into the subtle energies to swim along the inner river of ascending energies.
2. Every insect, animal and living being has a specialty that none other has. i.e, an ant’s ability to carry weight, speed of a cheetah, etc. Likewise, every human alive has a special talent that yogis call siddhis, waiting to wake up when woken up.
Each hatha yoga postures replicates a unique life force. When going into each posture in yoga, with patience and calm, reach out to harmonize the breath, i.e, long and relaxed breath. Siddhis, the special powers each of us have wakes up in the inner calm that is delved into through each posture.
3. Light a lamp at the start of our yoga practice to invoke the Divine. To protect ourselves against injuries through our hatha yoga, it is important to invoke the Divine Presence in the form of our Guru or Favorite Deity (Ganesh, Siva, Jesus, Allah, the Goddesses etc) through our awareness that enables us to experience the Presence through each breath. AUM as mantra helps the experience. For the mind however to latch on to the Source energies, it helps to cling on to the invoked Presence within the AUM or the mantra. Mantras while doing yoga makes our yoga practice a bathing in sacred energies.
“Yoga” without awareness of breath and mantra is crude gymnastics and stretching that often results in reminders of the physical through injuries.
4. Our body is a shrine and yoga enables us to worship the Deity within our body shrine. Utilize this precious moment of yoga to do the highest prayer- awaken our favorite Deity and feel ourselves the immense Spirit that is enjoying the postures.
5. As we progress through our hatha yoga, recognize the shift of energy to being that of a Spirit having the human experience and feel the 72000 nadis, the energy centers, lit within us. When the each of the 72000 little point are lit, Source Presence dances as our own Being!
6. Meditate for a moment just after our hatha yoga. The fruits of our daily hatha yoga practice ending with meditation enables our mind to climb a notch higher above consciousness, the body to transform to the state of intense love & joy we experience even as the rejuvenative post yoga energy flows and our awareness shifted into the Now moment with ease.  After hatha yoga, Source celebrates the sacred space we have created when we meditate.
7. Know our daily yoga as tantra- weaving the Spirit with the body and experiencing the awake root chakra connect with the third eye even as the body is dissolved into the mind that has been subdued by the Spirit joys to be the Spirit making love to the body. The yogic stimulation of the root chakra, the mulabandha, causes rejuvenative energies. When the root chakra is awake in the fires, all the chakras above ignite even as the fire flows upwards to the crown chakra, the Sahasrara. To focus on the third eye in the exhale and the root chakra in the inhale enables the tantric grace through our hatha yoga.
8. The single most important chakra, so far ignored by the intellectual yoga world is the energy center above the navel called the Guru chakra. Recognized in martial arts as the power point, the Guru chakra consciousness through yoga postures enable the awakening of subtle energies that command the gross. i.e, the ability of a yogi to go beyond heat and cold, hunger, mind and body consciousness is in the awareness of the ascended seat above the navel. It is easy to recognize, ignite and flow with the navel energies especially through Sun Salutation. It is from  the navel chakra that the third eye wakes up with ease.
9. To be a yogi, is to be aware of every breath that in turn allows the flow of thoughts as wisdom, i.e, Source. This joy of sublime experience enables us to build the discipline of wanting to have this joy all the time. To want to then be in the orgasmic state of joy that is freedom then enables the discipline of doing yoga/meditation at least once a day. The most simple form of yoga sequence that can be done by anyone every day is Sun Salutation. Sun Salutation holds a large extent of all the thousands of yogic postures. Doing just a few rounds of Sun Salutation each day holds the vital space. The important discipline is to do yoga everyday!


Tapasyogi Kalathi Adiyen Aadi Nandhi


with folded hands and love! anbe sivam






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