Born Again


born again, the yogic realty of lord siva




a deep inhale with each of you!


in the yogic search is the mind found as awareness and the surrender of this awareness to the light from where thought is received.

pregnant in our past that we so deeply wish to surrender to be graced by the fulfilling light that seeks our inner call.. the intense call.

the intense death like call in its primal scream of the heart so sexuality becomes the bud and the blossom and the seedless seed. so that the evolving grace flows acquiring momentum of good karma and its joys of fulfillment in being the purpose.  the instrument of dharma knowing purpose and the supreme pleasure. 

to come to the place where the mind and the heart are dissolved into the intellectual awareness that also sustains the body vessel is the nada, the inner resonance of knowing that the external sound creates having absorbed thoughts. to be graced by the ‘hearing’ so that all thoughts collapse to the single mind that has every breath – the supreme weapon.

the supreme weapon that knows and enjoys the death like surrender and the celebration of the eternal joys when waking up and in between- allowing the evolving grace to know the lit lamp. knowing the goddess time.

on death bed is the perception lost to the spirit and in the freedom as spirit knowing the one in all, coming back to cry as the baby out of the cozy womb- finding the body- each morning.

‘to be born again’ is in each breath, the absorption- the body thought perishing to the spirit fire and the spirit becoming the sustaining womb- the body free of hunger, heat and cold. when body limitations again are the mind’s burdens- the pregnant surrender! when the excitement of pleasure through body, another joyful surrender. when not aware of the body, the blissful sheath of ananda, the yogic union.

now as the eternal enjoying the movie show of the human role, the wisdom of purpose shines to be the warmth in the intellect that allows the daily yogic journey. inspired. aflame. in ecstasy of the moment.

celebrations after the surrender like the contentment after clearing the bowels is each thought arising from the muladhara and at the peak between the eyebrows is the birth of each thought and along with it its responsibilities. delightful but awesome manifestations.

beyond both, death and life is the eternal mother within ourselves as our intense desire born again to enjoy this wonderful eternal moment that now glides beyonds sustaining needs.

birth to the eternal and death to the eternal, each yogic breath the eternal joy and the reality having become.


divine embrace to each of you!

with folded hands!

adiyen nandhi
on behalf of his seniors 




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