Borrowed breath of yoga

Borrowed Breath of Yoga



yoga ‘teacher’ and the yogi
both entwinned as the mind
being in the sustaining warm womb of source.
the surrender of ego in yoga is as breath in its reverence.
to attain is to create void space that in emptiness is humility so the silence is loud from within

the teacher beyond as source and the disciple that our mind is,
in the delightful bright joy that burns ego
digesting the pilgrimage essence
(this term in ancient tamil is called asaiba gayathri. it is the wonderful plunge within to assimilate all divine thoughts into one thought as the lamp flicker)

in this journey is the sacred space larger with each breath
as we allow divine grace
that transforms
evolves the limited to its freedom of eternal
each breath
shaping us as in divine perfection
as the yogi dissolves
and becomes.
aware of each breath

breath borrowed from samadhi
inhaling from the muladhara allowing the sacred fire that dissolves the body to rise above
and in the ‘mind’ free of karmic baggage
to reach into orgasmic absorbing light at the third eye
guide each numbered breath
to the infinite



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