cave thought

cave thoughts



imagine thinking out of a pigeon’s head and visualizing how
humans think
the ego judging the greatness of the other being

now imagine our mind platform given for this birth

knowing the invisible scales of energy as different minds outside and beyond our breath, dive into our breath to find the source within the intellect…
set alight the divine fire of the mind that burns in mantra consumed single thought
…as divine awareness takes over to allow the path of joyful journey upwards
climbing upwards our body suddenly realizes its limits in its earthly presence
… surrender this too to the infinite within our breath .
hinge the breath to the ajna door, holding our two eyebrows of divine intoxicating love and wisdom of knowing, as support while jumping above
… jump above to the calm of the surrendered void mind bathed in light, journeying from the the tip of nose into the spot of the sacred dance between the eyebrows.

hold this sacred light that consumes our identity as the guru, the higher wisdom that is united with the muladhara; muladhara transforming as the light body seeking youthful joy through the baggage free mind…
in yoga, this thought is subtle silence as little ripples of the bell of knowing from within, ringing as One aum.
…as One aum behind us when awake or alseep

drink this overflowing nectar of divine grace received in feeling this subtle delightful eternal vibration!

aum, all the inspiring blossom of knowing!
all minds lit as One

Oneness Dances as in the Union!
Kalyana Thirtham, a Siddha ancient center where Siddhar Agastyanathar was given the vision of the marriage of Siva and Sakthi!
two multiplied into One become!

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