Cosmic stomach of yoga


Cosmic Stomach of Yoga






divine friends,

this is an insight into the science of trinity that as breath holds to enable of body be sky. free and in its joy, an evolving wellbeing in our daily journey…

the stomach as the consumer satisfied until taste buds start sprouting again and within is time perceived in its diminishing values. that which satisfy the divine hunger that consumes the temporary hunger is the grace of knowing that our seniors wish to share.

the trinity of the breath are the deeper knowing of the inhale, retention and the exhale. 

 in the inhale being born and in the exhale enjoying the deathlike surrender.
while in retention climbing into the muladhara lamp and allowing the ascending dance of the snake to be our experience of joy.

the inhale and the exhale as the two wives of lord muruga and as the golden lance dancing uowards each breath, the retention. ida on the left as the earthly moon mind and on the right, pingala as the absrobing light of the sun. falling beyond night and day into the golden ascending stalk is the dance of lord muruga with sakti mother, kundalini. mother kundalini, the one who rides maya, the tiger tamed in the knowing of breath.

lord muruga called in countless names is the golden center stalk, the sushumna. the ever youthful when awakened. babaji is one form. adi siva natha as another, and as yet as our own ancient presence in our intense call within. holding our focus to create and be the sacred trinity , hold the retention of breath as the cave of the heart.

the stomach that consumes karma of the past and present is breath surendered to the joy of the inner light that as the snake’s erect hood is our thoughtless bliss.

in this sacred stomach as the past consumed is siva, the relentless forgiver who as the chakra of the neck- in light blue, dissolves karma- hence the sound of thiruneelakantha. breaking the bonds of karma through this chakra is the journey above to the peak.

above where the three meet to be one is stomach that consumes the mind prison as the awareness of the intellect to enjoy the bliss filled radiant wisdom of peace.

in the sacred throb of this divine womb of void that has consumed us is mahakali, the mother who graces us the knowing of that which is beyond time.

that beyond light and dark as the spirit and in the awareness of the lamp lit, the body transforms- to be bliss forms- the love sheath. this the yoga. siva yoga. so the body as the lamp holds the spirit and the mind born each day as the tender child enjoying the rejuvenating space of playtime.

how many more caves that we find and which one cave to claim our very own when all caves into oneness and as oneness that completes all the incomplete. the energies that complete us and as wholeness allows all others to be complete in our presence is the radiant love that flows as the human essence of dharma. love in being human to know dharma. dharma is the goodness done within our state of being in the abundance. the gifts of our being in the present moment of ‘now’ that we enjoy by being the overflowing- beyond perceived hunger. in appreciation is abundance ours as manifested realities.

hunger so fulfilled and drunk in the ecstasy of being, may the new year shine as your radiant being!

to each of you whom adiyen shares breath with, thank you and gratitude for all our goodness. to be ripely fulfilled is an evolving fire within that ascends each chakra blossoming each reality plane. this in knowing the trinity of breath is the ascendance to be the source. the source consumes as the supreme stomach the three breaths to be one.


all the joy of surpasing freedom beyond the limited to enjoy the breath of the eternal radiance now playing its human role!

adiyen nandhi

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