Death & Tantra Deeper insights on yoga


Death, tantra and sacred yoga/ deeper guidance through our daily yoga



trace breath to the roots of our inhale.
in this inhale are we back into the five elements that make up the body.
the essence of “mulabandha” is the diffusion of breath into the sacred fire that absorbs our five senses.
coming together is temporary as the egg fertilizes to spawn more eggs, but what is eternal is the life force that passes as the breath beyond the inhale and exhale.
the body made of the food we eat  has come to go and has come back again.
our seniors, the yogis journeying beyond enlightenment, worship lord yama (the god of death) as one amongst the several divine entities before eating food.
the outer significance of the worship of the lord of death before eating is -it is a prayer for the well being of the body that must eventually die and by worshipping death we are seeking the grace of a powerful force of nature that exists along with life. the inner significance of this worship is – duality worshipped as life and death in awareness  leads us to know the eternal and seek to be the eternal… beyond life and death.
this is the eternal we seek as union in our yoga. duality, the illusion as human level ignorance gives way to the eternal reality when the kundalini fire within blossoms as our knowing in our divine upward climb. sacred death absorbs the ignorance that comes from our inner transformation, so for ourself to know the center that is the life force beyond ‘death’. hence the huge change around us as we go through so many lifetimes in one!
yoga is the eternal life force of one that worships death in the sun salutation posture of surrender, uttanasana-
 yoga is the ascendance to be the infinite sky in the downward dog (through our sun salutation) as being beyond body- as feedom to be!.
yoga is  being the spirit that resides in the body as the vast void of surrender. when we center ourselves to do the namaste pose that begins and ends of sun salutation, worship the spirit that we are. beyond life and death limitations of the body is to be the sun, the supreme center that as spirit is the yogic experience.
 no more going in circles to know death and life as day and light while in the knowing.
if tantra is about making love, it is also in truth about knowing death and the pains of birth- the body woven with the spirit.
 our pathway holds dear the rejuvenative juices that flow through the body utilizing ancient wisdom of yoga but also seeks to want to be the universal dweller utilizing the body and mind as the temporary  limited home and to become the dwellers of the universe of be the one clad in ‘sky’- digambara. the yogi whose body and mind has given way to spirit and beyond the limits and bother of the body needs.
know death by the daily surrender of the body in the cold shower knowing the sacred element of water as in our oneness to the five elements that makes our body. when having the cold shower as the body initially revolts against the discomfort of the cold, ask the supreme question, ‘who am i?’ gradually, ‘i am’ the inner answer relates us to being the cold water too as we surrender the body.
know death as surrender in our yoga when giving away the body to sleep. climb above sleep, through the wedge of conscousness in between wakefulness and sleep,  to witness sleep as death-  enjoy the glimpse of turiya, the higher consciousness of the enlightened. sleep to the one aware of the eternal moment is death and waking up is birth.
the knowing as the eternal dance, dance beyond death and life exclaimed by the Sages as “aanandaa… aanandaa!”.  pure yoga as the eternal youthful cosmic body identifies with the infinite space- the state of being pure joy.
the body the extention of the mind that is one with the infinite.
enjoy your daily yoga awake in the joy of yogic reality!
realization- the mind having dissolved to allow the eternal to shine above and beyond
the temporary. to witness the many births purpose to find the oneness and be the oneness.
to be the blossom of the thousand petals of the awakening above
to be spirit
as One
be nourished! what a journey that we the living share in our yoga through the sacred breath!
with folded hands!



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