Goddess Laxmi


Goddess Laxmi

aum shreeem!  



its abundance as manifestation of intellect from our wisdom womb that seeks completion in our human realms.

the sacred ‘tips’ of collective intellectual energy of single thought being one- 

eternal seeds of the sages we are. awakened in the energies of thought and the blossom at each level of our daily lives. sustained and nourished to climb above in baby steps each moment, each breath and in each inhale.

beautiful awakening times!

when such words as energy pass for our rich intellect to absorb and feel the warmth, the warmth in the profoundness of thought builds the fire. then becoming one in our ancient lamp, the eternal one always worshipped. worshipped in our yoga.

the body thought weighs the mind and the surrender of this baggage is seeking to find our true being, the spirit dwelling in the body. the body consciousness dissolved in our supreme joy. yoga is in attaining this supreme joy- hatha, the body dissolving into the unity of the sun and moon. the union of oneness.
upon joys of the sacred union in our yoga, our lamp of the muldahara is well lit- passionately moved upwards by bhakthi that accompanies each breath in the sacred awareness.

bhakthi, the mother kundalini as guru. she blossoms intellect above the navel.

when breathing in … now… at this moment…… inhale


suck up the air through our inhale below from the muladhara

making the tongue like a straw, suck up the air with passion.

in the sucking up of the air is the surrender into the lightless pit as you descend below to the muladhara and beyond into the mighty void.

the mighty void of no thought….. fear coming forward as death…. and the glimpse of the eternal light

go just a bit further

now finding the lamp lit, stop to hold retention

in the retention of breath, be absorbed in the muladhara’s raging fire that ascends.

like the fire that smelts iron, each inhale and retention empowers the radiant light to ascend above, till the flame reaches the navel center and above to our guru chakra.

ignite the beautiful sacred seat above the navel with the seductive muladhara orgasmic energies becoming absorbed by the guru above the navel platform that consumes our body consciousness.

climb further above in each breath with the retention of each breath absorbing ourselves into the awareness of self that is the sacred fire.

reaching above the solar plexus is the mind’s roof.

gently above  the ‘sacred mind’, the sustainer who infinitely shines to evolve us.

maha vishnu. the sustaining energies that is thought to all thoughts.

the sacred light at the tip of the nose becoming the threshold of immersion in ananda… the supreme bliss.

the inner joys of vibrating in the primal resonance, the nada. the heart’s knowing of the sacred womb. dissolve intellect into sound.

awakened to the knowing that to be the heart is the next chakra that we have ascended through knowing joys of the fire lit above the navel.

in the heart’s dance to manifest creation is the lotus blossom, yoni like in all her beauty… each pleasing pink petal the source of our knowing. the lotus blossom of fulfillment with energies of inspiration.

she is shreeeeem

inhale with adiyen if you wish…

and sing slowly….shreeeem….

visualize her blossom in our heart chakra.

she is ananda, the supreme bliss-  the heart throb of manifesting through finding oneness to the sacred trinities. the trinity of being the ancient lamp of the soul that is one with all the living. the life force.



blessings and blossoming grace with each of us to enjoy the evening lamp on friday to invoke her as goddesses of all the multitude of forms gracing us with our journey into oneness.

heart’s treasure is being and knowing the ancient lamp that all the living throb within as our own.

extend your sacred energies to each of us sitting upright. may each blossom.

aum shreeeeem

aum sakti

her dance in nine dimenions:

aum sakti aum saki aum sakti aum

adi sakti,  the primal one- the knowing that guides us to her

maha sakti,  the absolute one

para sakti, the surpreme manifestation

brahma sakti,  the creative intellect

vishnu sakti, our wisdom womb that enables intellect…. the sound shreeeeeeeeeeem … her sustaining grace of the pure dream rich in fulfilling the sacred seedless fruit in its delciousness that is complete.

siva sakti, our lamp lit within as our mother kundalini

nithya sakti, the intellect that guides us to her womb beyond breath, samadhi 

gnana sakti, the pregnant womb of wisdom that our samadhi graces us with

kriya sakti, to flow of inspiration and manifestation knowing the larger dharma.

all the nine forms that enable our evolving journey as human to being the angelic being as in purpose.
alight in joys of surrender of each breath.


blesssings, love and the sacred eternal embrace,

adiyen nandhi on behalf of his wonderful masters.

with folded hands!


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