Grace that translates wisdom to intellect


grace that translates wisdom to intellect



aum namah sivaya my divine friends!

what beauty in the synchronicity of connecting to share breath as words of loud silence!

in our yoga is the seeking of surrender into bliss as the womb of each breath…
the fire within each breath is the sacred knowing fire
in through each inhale from the muladhara
lifting up this fire pot and in the resonance of the mantra that connects each to lineage of perfection. the perfect master within. the ancient trapped in a youthful body.
rejuvenated through yoga.
through masterful strokes of breath

who is the greatest miser in the whole wide world? :)!!!
a yogi with his breath :)!

with the arrow head of the single pointed mind converging breath and the mantra to source

in this knowing is she whom we the ancient proclaim.
as her mighty womb to sleep, wake up and dream in.

she is.

is the goddess who as “grace that translates wisdom to intellect” , is affectionately called thiru gnana pranambigai.
she is the guiding grace when the mind has been broken by the breathless void to be light. the guiding light. “grace that translates wisdom to intellect”, thirugnanaprasanambigai means, ‘the One Pregnant in Wisdom’

upon arising into the namaste posture in our daily sun salutation, go into her wisdom through breath and bring your consciousness to the third eye. focussing on this natural ledge of the third eye as the river of joy betweeen the eyebrows- hold within, let your exhale surrender in her womb of thoughtless bliss to hold her formless attributes of compassionate embrace.

put your hands out and reach out to be the air element. feel the sacred element of air through your body and melt into the joy. as our breath and the life force within as prana is he, siva, the supreme self. be him in your retention of breath. as his shakthi is the goddess thirugnanaprasanambigai. knowing wisdom to be the fire that inspires us the fulfilment of the larger dream each breath is the freedom.

the freedom within the cosmic womb.

the sacred breath that as seeking and as having found and as enjoying the human in appreciation of every thing perceived. for is perfection that is in our moment in words beyond silence where truth converges to sheer experience. condensed wisdom as joy to be.
so is. be!!!

blessings that flow as our joy’s grace!

adiyen nandhi


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