Granthis/ Three Knots & Yoga


Granthi- the Three Knots


the three knots from the yogic awareness is the three realms in its transformation in our journey.
brahma granthi: muladhara and the svadisthana-
from the deeper end of experience is the knowing that transcends beliefs. in this ‘knowing’ is the sacred configuration within our perceptive realms-
the creator as our ego, the lord brahma and needing intellect to experience the reality that is created- so goddess saraswathi
each breath going below to the mulam, the root, and alighting this fire that sustains us is the first knot, the brahma grathi worshipped. thus duty is fulfilled as human as we evolve through our passionate inner call to create the sustaining environment.
awakening and holding this energy brings us health, prosperity, security, and karmic completion that enables us to work our karma and transcend.
the second knot of vishnu: manipura and anahata chakra- is the lifting up of the fire pot from the pelvic region above the navel. the mind lifts above to the next higher realm to allow intellect to merge with wisdom, allowing the mind’s extention, the body to transcend too. here is the lord of sustainence, maha vishnu, the granthi that keeps the fire going not forgetting the divine that we are in our fire within every breath. the blossoming of the heart, mahalaxmi, the goddess of spiritual and material wealth as in our oneness.
climbing above the navel to experience love as oneness and childlike mind, we are on the divine pathway rejoicing to the inner melody and the threshold of a pure mind ready to yield to the cosmic mind.
the third is to be siva: vissudhi, ajna and the sahasrara- the supreme presence of oneness as siva we are- in freedom to be joy. in this knot is the focus within the thirdeye to see siva as the wisdom’s grace and as human entity that opens. rising through the throat chakra is the negatives of karma absorbed as siva’s grace. now the knowing as the seated between the two eyebrows karma having transcended. the goddess as pure energy, shakthi  and in the many innumerable forms our duality.
ascending above the realms of karmic forces of the past, present and future of the throat chakra through living in the moment of now as the result of being in oneness, the our mind becomes moonlike to shine the radiance of the cosmic mind. the larger picture from the peak is revealed. the perpetual joy flows from the blossoming of the thousand petals above. the third eye seat absorbs thought from the womblike cosmic mind where each breath is surrendered to the fire below in the inhale and in the exhale, is the thoughtless experience of light. to be one.
the three coming together as the knots tied to enjoy the delcious breath of wisdom, is the experience in our yogic journey! each knot through the process of our daily journey as in the inhale, retention and exhale.
the spiral spinal breath that initiates light in our yoga is like the bird gliding in subtle energy while accomplishing the human realms as in flying.
blessings that enable us to glide as source!
adiyen nandhi



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