Guru Purnima Wisdom 2008


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Essence within 2008 Guru Purnima

aum namah sivaya

jai guruve thunai, the wonderful guru within!
jai guruve thunai, the guru who is all forms!
jai guruve thunai, where wisdom guides the intellect!

ancient beloveds of the knowing,

below are tapasyogi kalathi adiyen aadi nandhi’s offerings as to enhance the inspired grace of knowing and our collective oneness of consciousness from the yogic depth on this special day, the guru purnima, this full moon.

unfolding before us is an auspicious time. the auspicious time of guru purnima when all the meditative masters themselves look upward to their guru and heaven’s goodness flows.

to be conscious of the shift in energy and aware of how to allow the receiving-

– beyond the mind’s stored karma that surfaces up as perceiving, there resonates the ancient mantra joys and the knowing that took form/s to give. if those sacred bonds were cut through the mind’s past, send waves of healing energies of love to express the heart’s ultimate gratitude of having received the divine awakening experiences. gratitude to the masters who ‘came into us’ through our pilgrimages, books, music and all other ways- those who lit the lamp fire within us that we nurture each day and night.

the ones who give us the ancient resonance (mantras that have been cooked well over many years of single pointedness) and the inner guidance is our guru. the one who dwells in the mantra energies is the guru. mantras that have been ‘cooked’ are potent as they are the rich ancient presence. mantras connect tapas lives of the masters who spent entire lifetimes dwelling to be in the now moment while in body and now as spirit, simply dancing as presence in the mantras!


– open our arms and breathe out knowing we are the five elements in the slow inhale, and in the retained breath  surface to the NOW moment, exhaling in the knowing above.
in the inhale, conscious of ourselves in the five elements and gently surrender into oneness.
in the inhales hereafter, collapse into the sacred lamp lit at the root chakra- worship our guru/s here where in karmic reality we thrive. guru’s grace from the root chakra is most complete of angelic essence since its this fire that keeps us in the love of inner seeking- guided through the muck to have the mind as the blossoming lotus above.

– alight a lamp. its the lamp that condenses all altars, shrines, temples, all places of worship to then be allowing of the ancient joy presence of the divine we invoke. connect to the divine, each in their own beautiful ways to climb above breath, inspired to allow oneness to dwell.
within this lamp is the guru’s grace that enables ‘asaiba gayathri’, the digestion of all the past joyful divine experiences such as visits into the sanctum santorum of all the sacred places that enshrine the divine.

this guru purnima holds the grace of angelic manifestation with the wake up call to serve and be free through being the immense awake spirit simply enjoying the inspired doings that unfold as completions that fulfills. here dwells abundance, wellbeing and the inspired knowing to be spirit- the angelic form.

jai guruve thunai!

blessings of each to each!

tapasyogi kalathi adiyen aadi nandhi






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