humm of the eternal brahmara nadi


humm of the eternal! brahmara nadi




divine ones!

what a joy to share breath with you through these words. aum

the death transformed to the eternal being through the breath retained consciously while dissolving to be One is samadhi. the infinite space that is a witness to life and birth and the mind and the supreme bliss, the source.

as a huge atomic explosion is the mahasamadhi that enables us as spirit to know as the alchemist the body sheath, the mind as the ‘asana’, the seat,  and the five elements of human reality to embrace the living breath.

deriving optimum usage of this mega knowing is the little samadhis in a controlled environment to reach holding on to the mantra and breath till the diety appears as the joy beyond breath- each diety each chakra, allowing the mother kundalini, our supreme awareness to climb as the dance.

in the perch above is the sun’s radiance multiplied to know vastness that is the womb beyond darkness as the two eyes are absorbed and the third, of the sacred knowing- enables the glide to become the vastness!

the humm of the mantra from the muladhara climbs through each energy city of the chakra to reach the luminous light flowing as river between the two eyebrows- this is the primal nada. the grace of inspiring fire that flows from purpose as in the human journey. as the sacred awareness in the mighty vibration is the nadi, beyond as the creative and destructive forces, the brahmari. hence, brahmara nadi

bring up the tongue and allow the gentle but powerful ascending energy of the brahmara nadi lift the tongue above guided by the third eye’s joyful experience of the momentous orgasm of the cosmic. little glimpses becoming the sustaining scenery of perfection as being set free. this is the mudra of kechari assisted by brahmara nadi. the organic technique of an advanced yogi.

in the inhaled breath, mop the past and future into the moment of now and from the sublime fire below the navel. as the crackling sacred fire ascend to jump beyond the retention to be the sacred absolute in the presence manifested.
tune into the fire with the humm in the ascendance to reach back the source’s cave in the third eye- miser in breath enjoying the exhaled breath’s vibration of the humm that resonates the countless repetetive mantras, multiplying single thought into the one thought of being one.

in this humm is the nectar that flows as subtle and gross energies. in the subtle is the greater energies that sustain the inward journey and in the gross is the rejuvenative energies that sustain the body. known as the song of the bee, brahmara nadi, this humm enables turiya, the breaking free of the mind’s need to sleep and to be beyond the thinking process.

enjoying the humm, let goodness overflow – as the only reality within ourselves in our abundance and around us in compassion and in random giving to the universe. the random giving is the surrender of body and mind each breath to simply be.

all the joys of the inspiring one that we truly are!

descending to evolve in the fulfilling sacred grace, blossom so the seedless seeds of intense desires for human is cast! time our weapon of knowing that knows pleasure of patience and the madness of impatience to just want oneness that enables complete this life cycle, dreams attained and the true reality realized.  all rivers and streams of our daily journeys drawn into the ocean of supreme being and in the blessings! enjoy the climb’s perch to simply be!


adiyen nandhi


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