Insight of Siddhars- Unfolding New Day!


insights of the siddhar sages






   Thu, November 24, 2005 


breaking silence to surrender to words, from bliss to knowing, these insights are still words- far dilluted from pure sound. first in humility to the many wonderful divine teachers who connect through the mantra fire to reach out.

on awakening in the morning, feel the love formed body of ours as a new baby, celebrating the inspiring life before us as we open our eyes. the wondrous spirit in the body awakening to the present.

the sleep we slept ,the past; and  the next big thoughts- a bit further away . the perfect wedge in between the so expansive. the feelings of bliss as in a holiday- the awakened thought gripping joys of this beautiful moment… that unfolds each day.

from the seed of knowing to the baby plant sprouting- inhale and retain the breath to acknowledge surrender to receive. if our hands are in chin-mudra, we are awakened to begin. exhale to be absorbed.

doing our hatha yoga to enrich our meditative depth that our mind achieves as the womb of source, we seek the subtle energies.

subtle energies that blossom from within and seeks as blossom all in its presence- the higher wisdom that is greater principle.

greater principle that defies conventional acquired patterns of intellect and the limited within the cycles of life and death, the temporary.  the knowing of who put the fruit of our life above us to ripen and the climb above rather than in the intellect of of knowing laws of gravity that in karmic heaviness of our animal survival mode that acquires karma. this wisdom of the sublte is in the sacred breath that constantly stokes the inner fire pot that we lift from the muladhara and upward. this in our daily yoga lit as the knowing of each breath connected to the root source, the muladhara pot fire that cooks the past and future in the fire of now. this fire keeps our body and mind incubated and also allows the body to transcend extreme heat and cold or hunger.

feel the ascending fire heal as the fire in the muladhara ascends each gentle retention of breath. from the lower spine allowing the ascending fire to be the joy and light, enjoy the rejuvenated body opening up the heart.
then, the back straightens and curves inversely to recieve the light of the joys between the eyebrows.

climb above and perched here- lets share the grand breath.

the grand breath of the sensitive divine being, all transformed.

all around in fullness, within in fullness, around us in fullness, our joys overflowing as the inspiration within our earthly doings.

deep within as the lamp fire run back into sometimes like a spoilt brat:)
sometimes as having been taken to task:)
but at all times knowing our father and mother in the ever embracing arms of love and our sensual energies in this lamp fire that ascends above the navel to evolve.

and as the sky to feel in the body, the mind as the source in wings glides- held above in the inspiring fires that in sacredness our heart reveals.

baby steps of the moment.

unfolding joys in our doing so childlike in our becoming. the play and work both as the happiness in career and its appreciation so abundance flows! dharma the greater energies, that allows to receive grace.

blessings and grace… received and in the greater giving!

in the sacred fire my divine friends that we share our oneness that as One is so abundant!

unfold as the knowing! its playtime and fun!:) thank god its playtime!

adiyen nandhi
on words from my seniors


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