Inspiring Grace of Yoga


yoga in its inspiring guidance!




divine friends!

what wonderful times!

to hold the seed of purpose is the heart center’s awakening

watching it sprout is as michael angelo’s carving out what already is . as inspiration.

this inspiration is the flower of the delicate plant of the body while the roots is the breath from source … root and the flower connected through the fire stalk, our body.

the spinal golden stalk from below strenghtening so the foundation is strong to absorb several lifetimes in one.

inhale from source, the mula, the root chakra

set alight every awakened breath

hence the wonderful name, ariven, the knower

the knower of purpose.

the inspired one!

knowing oneneness in the lamp of the muladhara lifted by ‘purpose’ to be above navel as the guru in oneness. the guru as wisdom entwinned in the intellectual flow of energy upwards to ‘see’ from the eyebrows river.

hence christ as in another reality to visit planet earth as embodying wisdom source to sri paramahamsa yogananda-ji and as intellectual directives, in samadhi, by leaving behind a body that did not decay. a meanigful and obtainable symbol for all to acheive. as human race becoming angelical, christlike.

finding this body is purpose too in our yoga, so it can be burnt by our navel fire every breath, while evolving as human.

burning karma of past, karma of the future and building a cave of nothingness into the moment of now, we allow our mind to travel past void to hold oneness that is at the base of the pyramid within ourselves.

a pristine sublime state where the huge bhakthi fire has burnt to be the ash of wisdom through breath surrendered. ananda, the beautiful bliss becoming samadhi, the supreme bliss in our inner plunge of meditative depth. the upward energy flow of each thought from source, absorbing the body consciousness… nurturing thoughts and thought so to evolve from a mind beyond limitations of the ‘body’ thought.

this oneness is in three dimensions, the sacred trinities in its infinite combinations . the three where the free ‘mind’ is parked.

integrate thoughts dissolved in the universe of universes within as the first. the vast expansiveness to be. the maturity of transcendence leading to the fiufth sheath- the element of space that is experience of pure bliss. ananda.

dissolving within, find the human body in which we are and as human to extend love, joy, evolving grace and fulfillment to all, – the second. human form as that of christ. the divine child.

now as being the infinite being centered in the heart, be one in the lamp of atman, the representative of all the living. – the third. knowing essence of life force, so to be the master of death and in the eternal wisdom know samadhi each breath. connected to all the living.

when the third allows the first to be the second, christlike we are. needing no more written beliefs that are outdated and having served its purpose of past, we are in the freedom of the sublime mind. sri ramakrishna paramahamsa would say, ‘scriptures and religious texts are like driving directions. once the destination is acheived, the driving directions are discarded.’

the sacred trinity in the union acheived as ariven, the knower and the unfolding reality visible inspires to be the flow, connected with the divine. 

the flow that keeps the sacred fire alight in each breath, aware. blessings of these wonderful times as in this awareness of oneness, and seeking.

sought and found and kept and dissolved in the moment of now, the mind ‘sees’ from peak able to see the whole picture..when in lightness of less bagagges where one thought achieved in  bhakthi transcends to be the wisdom womb.

spirit cradles the body as the mind inspired is as spirit. spirit in its limitless possibilities and detached to enable the crystal mind.

angels and ethereal beings working along our breathless breath as spirit. inspired, all working together and in the sequence, the effortless joys of the ‘flow’.

so each in energies of one, as grace know to be. as christ to be. the yogi in union.

sacred grace to each…as the flow!

the inspiring joys!

the sound ‘hreeeeeeeem’

the dance- (dance of the siddhars)

all the unfolding joys of being!


adiyen nandhi on behalf of his masters

with folded hands!





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