Jesus, Isa Nathar


Jesus the Siddhar

In South India, we siddhars know him as Isa Nathar

Miraculously produced “Photograph”
of Jesus – (see bottom of this page)

Contributed by  by Gerald L. Davidson


The Life of Jesus

Strange Phenomena Herald the Advent

The lives of such Personalities as Jesus are lived out, in order to establish the welfare of humanity, the prosperity and peace of the world, and individual liberation from bondage to sensual desires and passions. This is illustrated by the strange phenomena that occur at the time of their Advent. It is believed that when Christ was born there were such manifestations. The ruler of the realm had ordered a census, and each had to be counted in his own village. So Mary and her husband moved along the road that led to his native village. Mary was with child; the pains started midway; they knew no one in the hamlet through which they were passing; so they took refuge in a cowshed. Joseph made ready the space between the cows, and went out into the road after midnight, to seek some woman who could help. But soon he heard the Baby’s cry.

And the story says, there was a Star in the sky, which fell with a New Light, and this led a few Tibetans and others to the place where the Saviour was born. What the story signifies is this. There was a huge halo of splendor illuminating the sky over the village when Christ was born. This meant that He, who was to overcome the darkness of Evil and Ignorance had taken birth, that He will spread the Light of Love in the heart of man and the councils of humanity. Appearances of splendour and other signs to herald the era that has dawned are natural when Incarnations happen on Earth. Jesus was to shatter the darkness that had enveloped the world and the Aura of light was a sign that announced the event. The Masters arrive in answer to man’s prayer, “Lead us from darkness unto Light!”

There are various theories about the date of birth of Jesus based on the ‘bright star that appeared on his birth’. It is visible once in 800 years, it is said. Some say he was born on the fifteenth day of September. But he was born at 3:15 am (early morning) on the 28th of December, nineteen hundred and eighty years ago (spoken on 12/25/1979). It was Sunday. The Star that appeared that day appears only once in 800 years. But, Jesus was himself a “Star” of infinite value, spreading brilliance of infinite dimension. Why posit another less brilliant glow?

The Ascending Star

After Joseph and Mary returned from Jerusalem, Jesus felt that service to his parents was his foremost duty, because he owed everything to them. In this spirit, he used to assist his father in his carpentry work. After his father’s passing, Jesus sought his mother’s permission to devote himself to the service of the needy and the forlorn.

Like most seekers, Jesus first searched for the Divine in the objective world. But he soon realized that the world is a kaleidoscopic picture created by one’s own imagination. He then sought to find God within himself. Jesus at first thought himself as a Messenger of God. Later, he asked himself, “Am I just a messenger, or am I more closely related to God, a part of God with the Divine as my essence?”

Journey to the Himalayas

At the end of this period, he returned to the society of men and announced “I am the Son of God”. At that time, the priests of the holy temples of Jerusalem had become corrupt and commercialised. They had deteriorated into proud and selfish men. Jesus condemned them and tried to root out the evil practices. For, all forms were in the eyes of Jesus, Divine Forms and he could not tolerate any action which belied this status. So, when asked by people who he was, he could reply, “I and my Father are One”.

As the name and fame of Jesus spread, opposition to him developed among a section of the Jews. After his father’s death, young Jesus considered it his duty to help his mother and revere her as divine. Jesus preached the primary obligation of everyone to show one’s gratitude to the parents.

His mother was worried about the activities of Jesus. Jesus was critical of the ways of the Jews in the temple of Jerusalem. he came out against the harmful practices in the temple and preached the omnipresence of God in all living beings. He exhorted the people not to cause harm to anyone. What he preached was in accord with the basic teachings of all religions. he engaged himself in a mission of mercy to the sick and the poor. He offered food to the hungry. Seeing his acts of love and kindness, people declared that he was a “Messenger of God”. Jesus constantly referred to God as the father. Later he declared: “I and my Father are one”. Jesus dedicated his life to the propagation of faith in one God who is common to all mankind.


*Story of “Photograph” of Jesus

On December 25th, 1987, Christmas was being celebrated as usual by Sathya Sai Baba at Prashanti Nilayam, in India. As usual thousands of devotees from all over the world had assembled for this unforgettable expression of unity among world religions and cultures. Sai Baba was walking among the lines of eager devotees giving Darshan when one of them stood up with his camera and asked Sai Ram (as he is affectionately called) to wait for a moment while the devotee snapped a picture. Sai Baba joked with him that there were a number of shops outside where he can procure photographs, why did he want yet another photograph? But the devotee persisted and he finally agreed, but curiously after the picture was taken, Sai Baba uncharacteristically told him to go and get the film developed. When the photographer got the film developed, to the surprise of all it turned out to be a picture of Jesus, not of Sai Baba. Evidently he wanted to impress upon them that all Avataras of God come from the same essence and in that sense are One. As Sai Baba says of such mysterious phenomena: “No one can understand my mystery. The best you can do is get immersed in it.”

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