Journey of the Yogi


journey of the yogi!

   Thu, October 27, 2005 – 1:07 PM




what higher ecstasy can the soul have than hearing words that allows the fire.
the sacred fire lit over search of many lives and to keep the fire lit to be the light within.

well being and fulfillments flows from the grace as the absorbed 5 elements – withdrawn in the breath.. breath merged in the chant.

the chant of 108 always brings the mantra energy to manifest as the diety even as sri ramakrishna paramahamsa guides us by answering to his disciples, i.e, ourselves in these moments now expanded to be the witness of many lives of this search.

the great sage answered, ‘should you want to see god badly, then take a bucket of water and put your head in and dont come out till you have seen Him’- absorbs energy of these words.
when the mantra is held by the mind dissolving in the mantra fire of the chants, know the manifestation of the sacred presence that aligns the five sheaths of our human existence here in this human plane. climb above to the ecstasy of the chant guiding mother kundalini through your humming. step into kechari if you wish to explore deeper to find body-light-joy relationship. let the higher vibrations of our melodious joy within the humming perch awareness between the river of love through the eyebrows. the inner love that guides. 

coming together to share the divine breath so we may breath joy around us.

as we receive so to give and breaking this bond the binds humans to limitations to find joy in evolving – as inspired to be the masterpiece!

spirit as inspired.
joy as spirit to know.

to this joy, we into yoga alight to receive! transforming grace be with each of you!


love and its essence of sacred oneness..

anbe sivam




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