Lord Muruga: Mannanalum Thiruchenduril Mann Aaven by T.M.S


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Track: Dance of the Siddhar: Turiya Nada
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Lord Muruga: Mannanalum Thiruchenduril Mann Aaven by T.M.S (with translation)



Man aanalum Thiruchenduril Mannavein,

If am I to become a dust, I would be dust in the sands of Thiruchendur;
Oru maramaanalum Pazhamudircholaiyil Maramavein,
If am I to become a tree, I would be a tree in Pazhamudircholai;
Karun kallanalum Thanigai malaiyil Kallavein,
If am I to become a stone, I would be glad as a stone in Thanigaimalai;
Pasum pullanalum Murugan arulaal Povaavein,
Even If I became a green-grass, I would unfold as a graceful flower with Muruga’s Grace!
Pon aanalum vadivel seiyum ponaavein,
I’ll be a Gold made by the beautiful lance of Muruga;
Tamil pechaanalum Thirupugal vilaka Pechaavein,
If I became the speech of Tamil Language, I’ll be the expression of divine tamil classic, Thirupugal!
Manam pithanaalum Murugan arulaal Muthaavein,
Even if I become mad, I’ll turn a diamond with his grace;
Sol aanalum ‘OM’ endru olikum solaavein,
If am I to become the Word, I would be the Pranava!
Pazhachuvaiyanalum panchamirdha Suvaiyavein,
If I became the taste of a Fruit, I’ll be the sweetness of Muruga’s five elixirs!
Arul undanaalum veedum perum undaavein,
I’ll attain enlightenment with Muruga’s Grace!
Thani uyiranaalum Murugan arulaal payiraavein,
Though I am a weed, with Muruga’s presence, I will become an excellent crop!
Muruga, Muruga, Muruga, Murugaa……I take refuge in Thee,
There is none with me.

Compiled/translated by Ariguhanatha





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