Mahasivrathri 2005



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Mahasivrathri 2005

Mahasivrathri  – the Night of the Supreme Yogi: 2005

Deep within is the Other
Other as friend and as foe
The Friend is Siva, the Supreme Yogi within
The Foe as ignorance and limits of being human

This is the mind in search of the Source
Beyond as Source is the immortal beyond death
As the mind seeks renewal with Him, the Supreme Self
– To surrender all the temporary as thoughts to then be free.

Free as the Supreme Yogi who dances in joy for the joy is the fire of destructive bliss that has consumed the body and all scattered thoughts to become one single Thought.

Destroying the thresholds of duality to arise to experiencing the One, all perceptions are dissolved as the eternal dance of Oneness has become the single Thought beyond the mind and beyond mind’s states.

Rising to be Spirit that has dissolved the mind, the sacred infinite realm space of turiya is the universal void space that holds all universes as the Dancer.

This is truth as it has no more day and no more night as the sleepless sleep and He the  Supreme Yogi in us is Awake. Awake, we celebrate the Eternally Awake!

In Shivrathri with the lamp lit through night to find Him as the Supreme Yoga in us renewed for perfection.
Mind as the oil that feeds the mantra chants.
Breath as the source of wisdom that gives birth to thoughts that converge as One Thought.
Song as the mantra resonance of joy becoming Him
Body as the in love shaped flame to Be.

The Eternal Yogi celebrated the Supreme Being to be One and on the night of Mahasivrathri, to receive grace of Being He!

Aum Namah Sivaya!




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