Meditation and Powers (Siddhis)


Meditation and Powers (Siddhis)

Contributed by Yogani


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Q: I have been experimenting with mantras and I am a firm believer
that there is something beyond science, which is an actual part of
science but will not be looked into by the modern western scientist
as it is beyond them. Sound is a vibration and certain sounds and
vibrations can effect our surroundings and environments in the way
that we may will. I believe myself to be a spiritual scientist
(Rishi) using the power of the mind at its limits.

Now, I have a few questions regarding siddhis and samyama. It is said
that whatever a yogi meditates on, he feels ‘like he is falling into
that…or becoming one with it’. Now I have been meditating on a
small flame between my eyebrows and have a weird sensation of falling
into it and I stop existing and so does the flame. Can I ask what
effects this will have on me? Will I take on the personality of the

Also, do you think it is possible to manipulate matter energy and
transform something into nothing using just ‘will’ and also the
possibility of moving something from one place to another? In Swami
Rama’s book, “Living with the Himalayan Masters,” he said it was
possible and he was taught it, but stopped after making a promise to
his Guru. What exercises or meditations must one do to experiment
with such siddhis? Patanjali has not mentioned this type of siddhi in
his sutras.

Hoping for some guidance.

A: Thank you for writing and sharing.

The role of science is to enter new frontiers of knowledge and apply
what is learned in practical ways. The infinite inner realm of
humanity is the next big frontier for science — yoga science!

The full range of yoga reaches beyond mind into pure bliss
consciousness. Mind is the small tail on the big dog of infinite
divine silent awareness, our essence. You are finding this already
with your meditation experiments. So yoga is not mainly about
increasing mind-power in the world for miracles, etc., though this is
a side-effect. Better not to get too hung up on the side-effects —
the scenery. See “scenery” in the topic index on the AYP web site for
more on that.

The process you experienced with attention on the inner flame is the
last three limbs of Patanjali’s eight limbs of yoga — attention
going from focus on an object (dharana on the flame), expanding
beyond it (dhyana/meditation) to empty awareness with no object at
all (inner silence/samadhi). If this process is repeated
systematically on a daily basis, over time, the functioning of the
nervous system will be opened to higher experience of unending
ecstatic bliss and outpouring divine love. And, yes, you will have
the siddhis too — any that your illuminated life may need to serve
your self in the form of everyone else. That is how it works.

As Jesus said, “Seek first the kingdom of God within and all will be
added to you.” First things first, yes?

As for meditating daily on the flame instead of mantra or other
object, I can’t say what will be the exact path of opening in your
nervous system. From the AYP lessons, you know that different
vibrations open the nervous system in different ways — some more
comfortable and progressive than others. We will do best to settle in
with a proven object of meditation (such as a mantra) and stay with
it for the long haul. Digging deep in one place with a good shovel is
usually the best way to strike water, rather than making small holes
everywhere with lots of different shovels.

Once you have daily meditation in place, with some inner silence
coming up, you can add systematic daily samyama practice right after
meditation, if you wish. The series of lessons starting at #149
covers this. This is the application of samyama aiming for much more
than some worldly powers. Enlightenment! This is the purpose of
samyama practice, and what Patanjali encourages us to use it for.
Then you will have everything, and will be a seer — a rishi.

Your experience is very good. I wish you all success on your chosen
spiritual path. It is in your hands. Carry on wisely, and enjoy!

The guru is in you.

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