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Guru Purnima 2003 :

july 13- full moon- the day dedicated to the guru.

– light a lamp in your sacred space.
– gathering all the past to own responsibility of ourselves as in this body, circumstance, environment and perception
– feel the ‘i’ sitting within that must be offered gently for all its good karma and sins….
– this is the present. indulge in the absolute present, feeling ourselves as the sum total of the past now dissolved in the present…
– there is no more fault finding, blame, hurt, pain, pleasure or any more emotions other than that surrender within ourselves which sometimes did connect to the divine as knowing and at other times, was ignorant, trapped in the maya of ego. offer all our ignorance and past to our higher self . in gratitude for the knowing of the present moment as the time to unite with the divine,
– enjoy the bliss arising out of the united breath which sinks into the absorbed mind dwelling on the absolute.
– reach out to the higher guru offering to absorb all our past even as the divine has been waiting for the precious moment. the divine always waits as a mother so for the child we become, with hopes that the child would say ‘i love you’. just imagine how the mother would feel if the child exclaimed,’i am crying out of the sheer bliss of being with you’…. cry out of the joy of this immense bliss for her. ignite her ancient presence in you!
– through Her grace, does the guru, as our wisdom direct the intellect to reveal the ancient path of the journey taken by countless Sages to become one.
– climbing up above with each breath surrendered, the surrendered realm of thought and now is the mighty void within which the divine so gracefully dances as bliss.
– dance here with mother kundalini as the bright fire behind each single sacred thought of oneness.
– the moon of sustaining nurturing flow is the guru’s calm gathering of our past. worship the guru within us as the bliss. the karmic remnants of ours is the gurus when we dissolve into the ocean of love.
– his is the sun of brilliance behind the bliss as truth to reaveal "i am He" when our alight mind cries "Whom am i?".
– uniting the sacred with the past, present and the future now merged into the infinite moment, worship the guru within and then worship your own form as in pure thought he manifests. this is the siddha offering of the flowers of the heart to become He and to offer gratitude to the guru.

aum namah sivaya



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