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Even a whole life time spent  in Thiruvannamalai will not reveal all the power spots of this Sacred Mountain! Actually

In humility Nandhi wishes to serve and offer the little he can to guide all to the Supreme Mountain  of Enlightenment. There are still many places needing to mentioned and this page will be updated constantly. We do not wish to put up pictures of ashrams as we do not wish for comparisons though however, there are a galaxy of amazing saints who lived here in meditative fires and their samadhis are in every corner, some a ashrams. If you have any pictures of sacred spots to contribute, we are grateful! Please email us explaining a bit about the photo and why you consider it sacred and if you wish, your name/website if you have one @  Aananda27@aol.com


Every stone in Thiruvannamalai is a sacred. A pilgrimage to Arunachala begins with a slow walk around the mountain around the ancient mountain. It is important to ensure that our mantras are like a garland, mind single-pointed in focus and we surrender to Lord Arunachala, the mountain every step of the way. He will eagerly take us into His realms of Supreme Self in this process.

The ideal time to begin the walk- mid night.

Ideal day- New Moon. New Moon is being spirit- being Lord Siva.


Before getting started, begin with your prayers to Ganapathy at the main entrance of the Main Temple.

Start with the "Girivalam":

The initial walk through the town of Thiruvannamalai is a bit irritating with scanty preparation of the street for pilgrims.  The road slowly clears up as we reach Sri Ramana Maharishi’s Ashram.  There is a powerful Dakshina Murthy just outside this sacred ashram. Of course, Sri Ramana’s Ashram is potent in ancient grace as is all the ashrams located around the Mountain.

Around the Mountain are 8 lingams- visit and worship each of these lingams. Pay your worship at the innumerable jiva samadhi’s of saints.

Nandhi was guided to the ancient primal temple called Aadi-Annamalayar which is located near the middle of Girivalam. Residing here is the ancient Guru to all Gurus as Adi Siva.


Picture here- Behind the sanctum sanctorum of the temple of Aadi Annamalayar. Ideal spot to meditate!

Coming outside the the first circle of the temple, walk around and behind is a row of lingams- each an ancient Siva Siddhar. The One facing the sanctum sanctorum is Adi Siva. His Nandhi is below-


Walk around this ancient center of worship at least once, so to always have this Light to digest in your life

As we resume walking again, stop by the temple of Ardhanadeswara- Siva and Sakthi as One. Ardhanadeswara also is the awakened third eye, the power behind manifestations of spiritual and material realities.

 Be blessed by harmony and fulfillment in life!

 Much later, this sacred Ganapathy comes along the way. We must literally squeeze and crawl through this temple as a mark of surrender of the body and the mundane levels of our survival to the Divine

As we enter the main temple, pay our worship to the large Nandhi

When going around, seek the grace of all the ancient masters, the Sivan Adiyars and feel the sacred guidance. Look above through the two horns and visualize the Siva Lingam there. Receiving the first darshan through Nandhi before the darshan of Lord Siva at the sanctum sanctorum is auspicious. 

The entrance Ganapathy covered in sandal-

Going around the inner temple, behind is the samadhi of Siddhar Idaikattu Nathar, the One who opens the gateway to the Siddhar realms.



Meditate visualizing the union of three- Lord Arunachala the Mountain, Lord Annamalayar and Goddess Unnamalayar . From this spot, we have Lord Siva on the left, Goddess Sakthi on the right and above, Sacred Thiruvannamalai


Climbing up the mountain:



Ancient foothill pathway above to the Mountain top.



Mother Kundalini just outside the Mango Tree Cave- Mamara Guhai

Visit the cave of Sri Ramana Maharishi’s cave where he did penance for 6 years- Mango Tree Cave/Mamara Guhai. Below is Swamy Janardhanan. Please say hello and convey Nandhi’s pranams to him!

Inside the Mango Tree Cave-



Sacred spot on top of the Mountain-


At the sacred auspicious time- early morning on the peak of Thiruvannamalai-

Be blessed!



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