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Yoga, Siddhar, Siddha, Yoga Music, Yoga Art, Meditation

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Sakti and Siva

For those in higher realms still enjoying the bliss of the body as the bird, intellectual gathering, larger in silent scoop as duty more sensitivity makes.

The offering hands larger… more flowers of thoughtful prayers for Her as infinite moment as Her in the breath held awareness!

In the knowing as the Presence having become and that fire within each breath, merged to the infinite as lamp lit. 

In the heart cave of yoga is final form as Her and knowing Her is Him which is the higher tantra of dissolving and merging in the sacred trinities and then collapsing into Oneness, the dual  as realities aligned in Oneness shines. 

Presence as the mind’s guardian; the union as joys in loud silence to be the space transcending matter to become, with time absorbed -and  having become, sing! 

Seeds of winter:

In midst of the painful and hard surrender and then praying for destruction of reality that is rotten to become the seed again– such intense wish too is Divine Siva in thought becoming.  The seedless giving is fire consuming ignorance as love consumes hate. In the mundane to cry and to rejoice in this dance of dissolving hate and fear just before creation. Human realities in the fire of infinite joy that dissolves the veil- is the inner depth to plunge in meditative realm to cast and dissolve the reality that does not belong.

May each new thought spring forth from the warmth and sustenance found as seeds in winter to blossom as summer- the seeds found on the floor of the meditative depth.  May the divine flower of thought be this prayer of silence so filling as space dissolving each perception shelved as void of ego and then having become. 

Inner growing joys to become as overflowing river, flooding each shore of knowing with turbulence of giving and in the giving, dissolving life into the blissful flow as Source intends.

This divine flow of life is the inspired. through the tapas as the bright light sustained by the warmth of knowing that nurtures the seeds of the next moment.

All else is knowing as seeds to blossom in time!



Each Breath:

This pleasure to indulge as in the surrender within, within each breath.
Each breath not wasted 
Each moment sacred and fulfilling 
Loud silence between each thought shining as peak to reach and depth to submerge.
In this space is the vast stillness that then becomes breath, the joys within breath and the vast void that holds thoughts.

Worship of All:

Oneness and its truth is the acceptance of all as Divine, that which dwells now as the perceiver, perception and the perceived. Thus is the holy trinity of knowing all three so ready to be dissolved into oneness. Duality is worshipped with the Spirit riding the mind and treasuring the mind as the Divine gift that helps perceive, while being the perceiver and enjoying perception as all simply is.

Sacred Flower:

Of the wisdom of life is the witness that is the Divine Flower
This sacred Flower is the calm knowing.. 
Where intellect and wisdom meet becoming one. 
Here grows sensitivity for we are all life…. 
We are the pathway in the dense jungle of our perceptive ignorance when  lit and merged as Supreme Self with the mind rested in joy as freedom in the harmony of Being. In the harmony is joy that is the Divine Flower. Offering this Flower to Source is the highest of all offerings!

Mother Kali 

Great journey unfolds with little steps and each step into the divine with the Divine Energy as Goddess Sakti lifting us  when hearing our innermost cry. She lifts us into the next orbit of reality upon our prayers of the heart that seeks the next. No cry ever goes unheard and is answered in time when time is aligned to past, present and future. .Climbing above the smaller orbits to the larger orbits, the tears are from joys rather than from wants as the journey into Her is that of light and its celebrations.

Then looking back to laugh with joy at each step of the past, time is the mother revealed. She is Time, Mother Kali and She transforms us with time to be the timeless joy of true reality.



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