Sacred Yoga of Sound


Sacred Yoga of Sound



si va ya na ma
ya na va si ma
ma va ya na si
si ya na ma va
va si ma ya na
divine friend, take a deep inhale to experience this profound joy in words of the seniors.
feel the center of gravity, and after setting alight the lamp of the muladhara allow the ascending fire to straighten your back.
enjoy the sacred breath!  

the retained breath climbing above as the hissing prana along with its awareness…
each blossomg circular spiral through each sheath represented in our climb within upward

si va

the muladhara as the whole body. first the gratitude for having acquired the body from our physical mother and father whom in our awareness we worship and a heart’s ‘thank you’ is made.

ya na

for all in the human realm perfection- even karmic rubbish and garbage baggages of ignorance as manure to mature to evolve the next thought of joy for the seedless seeds of desire in its eternal bliss to find union. the fertile ground is this moment that you spare in sharing this breath.

body consciousness as earth worshipped so to transcend from this sheath to the next.
ma ya

gratitude expressed to all in human perception follows. here is the wholeness within complete. the eternal soulmate in grip with each other to be one so whole. all within this vastness is the void and yet as spirit to experience the body as the sheath of love when knowing breath of being one.
na ma si

transcending next to the fire within, mother kundalini is as our dance of joy as He stands to absorb our being when our intellect bends backwards to accept as the hungry beggar, the words of ‘i am he’. the ‘i’ dissappears in this joy as the element of fire is worshipped as ‘He’.
si ya na ma va

above this realm is that of breath that is the horse that must glide with the wings of joy. siva, the sacred yogi rides the breath as the ancient perfection within each in freedom knowing the goddess. this goddess who gives birth to supreme wisdom when the breath has reached to become the womb of the ‘thought’ as in samadhi… all in oneness, the sacred stillness of the union that as wisdom  mother gives birth to each of our thought. including the intellect behind knowing the eternal breath in the journey and the womb of wisdom sustaining the lifeforce of our human reality.
feel the air around your body as you enjoy each breath- the sacred element of air now transcends our awareness to the supreme dancer within.
ma si

the supreme dancer is he who is ether and as everything, in being whole. experience this cosmic infinite joy through the grace of the goddess who as the womb of thought, sparkling intellect and the flow of action fulfills as the trinity and evolves us with the knowing of surrender. in this surrender is the ‘all’ that dissolves to acquire the void that contains the ‘knowing’ and the knowing as the blossoming to be absolute in our garden of humility, the sacred space of growth and joys of still seeking. this form of siva is called, ishana- the upward facing siva. ishana means, the sublime manifested eternal. 

ya na ma si va

above at this perch, knowing the eternal breath, lets quickly complete this human journey that acquires the angel form through ancient wisdom of yoga of the sacred sound. descending back to human realms where duty contains good seeds, form attained is radiant with the evolving grace setting us free.
va si ma ya na aum

shanthi that in peace settles us back as in the body after being the infinite and experiencing the whole. the infinite mind seated back in the intellectual mind. shanthi is the perfect fit:)!

va si ma ya na aum

shanthi in the human form to all that is human in peace, harmony, dharma and as to enable the ascendance of human as civilization while knowing ourselves to perfect with our joy. 

va si ma ya na aum

shanthi from our heart’s cave fire that represents the sacred living to be the deepest need of each living entity in the supreme intellect that flows with our knowing to be. our huge giving in kindness and compassion as the respresentative of all the living.knowing the ancient heart’s fire in its warmth and consuming oneness.


the five elements within us as the sacred yogic sound be the whole circle, fulfilled! be!

aum shanthi

siva sivaa!

adiyen nandhi on behalf of his seniors





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