Secret Breath of Vasi -2


Secret Yogic Breath- Vasi


Sacred words of Siddhar Kongananathar:
Vasi pallakham ariya venum mattrum
Literal translation: The functioning of the vibrant-breath should be realized,further
Insight: Gain the ultimate realization through knowing the secret breath- “VaSi”
“Mandala veeduhal katta venum”
Literal translation: The mandala (spheres chandra,surya,agni mandalas) houses should be built
Insight: In the infinite space, all is manifested.
“Nasi vallhi kondu yogamum vasiyum”
Literal translation: Through the nasal-passage,yoga(integration)and vasi(pranayama)
Insight: The sacred union of dissolving to be One is through breath utilizing the science of breath, Vasi
“Nattathhi paradi vallai pennae!”
Literal translation: See the yearning,lady Kundalini!
Insight: Our awakened subtle kundalini reveals”
Sacred words of Siddhar Vanmeeganathar (Sage Valmiki)
 “ Vandhadhuvum ponadhuvum vasi ahum
Literal translation: What had come and what had gone is Vasi
Insight: What we are now in this eternal moment is the sacred Divine Breath, Vasi that is infinite void mind.
Vaanil varum Ravi Madhiyum vasi ahum
Literal translation: The sun and the moon that come in the sky is vasi
Insight: What leads us to the infinite mind of One, through Ida and Pingala (the twin energy of Mother Kundalini), the left and right breath is this sacred Divine Breath, Vasi!
Chindai thellindhu iruppavan Siddhan
Literal translation: The one whose mind is crystal-clear is the Siddhar
Insight: The One who posses this infinite universal mind of clarity is the Perfected Being, the Siddhar
Jagamellam Sivam endrae arindhon Siddhan
Literal translation: The Siddhar is one who realizes that the cosmos in its entirety is Siva
Insight: Realizing all the living in the planet as Sacred- as the essence of God is the Siddhar
Nandhi endra vahanamae sthula deham
Literal translation: The gross (physical body is none other than Siva the vehicle
Insight: Our physical body enshrines the spirit and this physical body of human is the ascending and guided vehicle towards the divine.
Naan muhanae kaan mooku sevi naaku aahum
Literal translation: The eyes nose ears and the tongue are none other than Brahma (the four-faced one)
Insight: Being One, perceive our senses as Brahma, the Four Headed Creator, karma
Nandhi muhan Siva-Sakthi Thiru moochaahum
Literal translation: The divine-breath is none other than the divine human-faced Siva-Sakti
Insight: Grace of the Guru enables the awakened kundalini to be lead to samadhi through Vasi, the sacred breath.
Thanthai Thaai Ravi madhi endru arindhu kollae
Literal translation:   Realize that the sun and moon are the Father and Mother!
Insight: Through the Sacred Breath (of the awakened Kundalini)  realize our Father  (the Infinite Absolute) and our Mother (Energy and Perception)!!! 
translated from ancient tamil to english by the grace of our seniors- suresh and adiyen nandhi
with folded hands!





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