Secrets within the yogic mantra


Secrets within the yogic mantra



divine one, just before reading, pls take a deep inhale!

thanking you for stopping by to share the sacred breath!

take this inhale all the way below the navel that you did as a child… when as a child you knew the unfolding moments pass over a dreamy ancient sage- wondering how we got back to the body and search again to be the sage… the being of joy that dances even as karma is cooked.

inside the resonance of the sacred mantra is still the mind that searches for the source of the mantra and the sacred human behind the mantra that connects to light. in humility empower the mantra as in the giving is the receiving.

in the primal vibration that also sets the body on fire is the grace that flows and as the wonderful absorbing arms of the divine, pulls the fire pot lit in the muladhara upwards.

this pot lit from the muladhara and as heart the radiating essence of ‘ra’ the fire ‘ma’ the heart, mahavishnu as the sustaining grace that nurtures of evolving grace… allow our mantra merged in breath to dissolve ourselves in the three dimensions of our ‘mind’ entity.

the three as the lingam, the symbol of sacred infinity is perceived by the ancient perfection of the sages as-
to be as we recite the mantra-

akasha lingam- to find the universe of universe within ourselves as the mantra merges our breath to samadhi…

pinda lingam- the sacred body that we are in , housing the holy spirit… as the mantra is recited let our vibrations reach all human so peace, love, ahimsa and goodness flows through all hearts

the third lingam- atma lingam- the ancient lamp in our heart that we as life force representing all living forms.

in this sacred triangle that the the divine trinity of mind perceived in the one that we are to experience supreme joy!

this joy holds the secrets of evolving in the human plane in its awakening to the moment of now every breath’s inhale that enables the magic of manifestation. the ‘now’ is the gift of the divine- awareness.

as being aware ask who is chanting the mantra- if it is the heart, dance in the universal throb; if it is the nothingness, then reach out to the space becoming the sky as the body in the nude nature; if in everything, then as the goddess in her orgasmic joys. the trinities such as these are ceaseless though in little steps in the moment of now it has already begun!

dance in the joys that our jourmeys fire in the mantra ascends as the youthful vigour that follows divine inspiration to fulfill the seedless seeds.

in the sacred light that rests beyond words are these words from my seniors who teach the fortune behind the mantras.

this fortune is bhairava

the sacred being who destroyed the brahma,  the creator,  to attain supreme oneness and the custodian of wealth.

he appoints mahalaxmi, goddess of sustanence and kubera, the entity of wealth to distribute all the ‘wealth’. both the divine entities turned around to ask ‘why do you not do it yourself’.
bhairava answers, ‘you distribute what is temporary wealth. in oneness we hold the eternal wealth. the wealth that is both temporary and the eternal.’

this eternal wealth with bhairava is to the be the manifestor of the now… ie, all brought to this present moment.

all brought to the present moment as the mind dissolves to be the womb when the mantra enables our formless joy to assume the form we are. hence the sacred name for siva- satchidananda- the bliss formed one that we each celebrate in our breath!

in sacred bliss, blessings to be!


adiyen nandhi



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