Siddhar Idaikattu Nathar



Siddhar Idaikattu Nathar – Wisdom Beyond Intellect


.”Kaala kalam kadandhidum jyothiyai

     The Light that transcends time

“Beyond time is the Sacred Light


     Karpanai kadandha arpudhathhai

     The wonder that transcends imagination

Beyond imagination is this Spectacular Wonder


     Noolar periyavar sonna nunporulai

     The subtle-product of which texts and wise men spoke of

     Nokkathhir kanbadhu konarae

     Perceive it minutely my dear fellow
Perceive this divine state through awareness that absorbs the subtle grace of our ancient Seniors (Gurus) Wisdom!

.Aerithhu yettu vattamum kandaen

       I saw the thousand and eight spheres(Sahasra’s 1008 petals;1008 universes)

Experience the enlightened state within the blossom of the 1008 petals, the Sahasrara (the crown chakra)


       Andha vattathullae nindradhum kandaen

       I saw what stood within those spheres

Be still within this enlightened sphere!


       Maieru jnalathhu nootru yettum parthaen

       The highest forms of wisdom numbering hundred and eight also I perceived

 Mandha manathhurum sandheham theerthaen

       All doubts that led to sloth I vanquished.”

Perceive the higher wisdom of 108 dimensions of the One (where intellect has merged in perfection with wisdom) 

No more questions….. just the pure Knowing!”



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