Siddhar Konganavar


Siddhar Konganavar on Mother Kundalini:





 “Pallayiram kodi andam mudhal

          From several thousand crore (hundreds of billions) universes

          Padinangu bhuvanamum moorthi mudhal

          From the fourteen-worlds (planes in various dimensions containing multitudes of stars and planets) and their gods

“From billions of universes there are the 14 worlds and the divine entities of each of these universes


          Yellam thanai padaithhavalham vallai

           Everything she herself created the Kundalini

           Yellhukkul yennhaiyai pola nindravallham

           Standing within like oil within the sesame seed.

Everything was created by Mother Kundalini herself

She is present as the vibrant essence in all created”


. sudarana villhakinullae moola

       Within the lamp that contains three flames,the primal

“The Source of three lamps, ida, pingala and golden sushumna is the Muladhara, the base chakra


        Mandala vasi vallhakkathilae

        Sphere and the nature of functioning of the vibrant-breath

The sacred Vasi breath is the Oneness in all the universe


        Aech sudarahi andha sudar vallai

        Being any of the flames,that being the flame of the Kundalini

The heat and light within the flame is Mother Kundalini


        Ivalh vida vaerillai vallai pennae!

        Apart from her,none(nothing)else lady kundalini !

Outside Mother Kundalini and her manifestations, nothing else exists.”

-Translated by Suresh and nandh


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