Siddhar Ramadevanathar Yogic Prayer


Siddhar Ramadevanathar: Yogic Prayer



Adhi yendra mani villhakkai ariya venum

     The ancient (first) luminous-lamp should be realized

be aware of the primal resonance of light… realize the ancient presence!


      Ahanda pari Puranathhai kana venum

      The infinite Perfect-One should be perceived

perceive…be absorbed into the eternal perfected one!



      Jyothi yendra thooya vellhi margam yellam

      The Light that is path of the pristine-emptiness entirely

In the infinite sacred void is the guiding light leading each moment!



      Sugam paeravae manonmani yen athhalh thannai

      To attain happiness,Manonmani my Mother Herself

enter into the comforting, sustaining and nourising zone with the awakening of our mother kundalini!


      Needhi yendra paranjyothi ayi padham

      Justice that is the Primal-Light,Her Feet

she completes our karmic journey as the absolute light in our surrender!


      Nirgunathhin nin nindra nilai yarum kanaar

      That stood in the state of nirguna (sans guna, character,mood) no one can perceive

she is the infinite wisdom that guides the intellectual process of the mind in all thoughts!


      Vaedhi yendra Vedantathu ullae nindru

      Standing within the sacrifical-fire that is the vedanta

be the meditative fire that is absorbed in the eternal vedantic wisdom of oneness


      Villhanguvum poosai idhu veehn pohadhae

      Such a meaningful pooja is this,do not fritter it away.

when the divine is worshipped as invoked within, as in meditative contemplation, it is a powerful, effective prayer and  the worship (the pooja)!”



translated by Suresh and nandhi



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