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Subtle Yogic Truth

to know the body consisting of the five elements- earth, water, fire, air and space is the experience of surrender to the dancer in the atom who is the universe. the body form, a shrine that holds the lamp of the dancer masters these five elements in supreme yoga. 
to know the sacred goddess as the human reality is the grace of this human birth that enables us to evolve, each moment guided by manifested reality and the unmanifested next moment surrendered in love, bhakthi, to the joy of seeking her and being fulfilled.
to know the sustaining mind as vishnu is the blissful sacred infinite void that holds the fullness of wisdom seated on intellect so that the moonlike mind reflects the sun of the absolute, enabled through the heart chakra as love having become.
the three dimensions of knowing and the oneness within it untainted by ‘intellect’.
dissolving even the ‘knowing’ to the bliss of surrender in our ascent upwards is the guru’s guiding grace as the mantra’s essence and his gurus beyond, so that the ancient oneness of the perfect eternal yogi in us is seated above to experience the ‘third eye’- the higher perch that is a comforting seat and as witness,  presiding over our human realm.
the joy and pure ecstasy of ‘being’ is the experience of the primal vibration that springs forth as intellectual music of single thoughts that throb from the breath’s journey as the mantra fire. sound as a blanket over our consciousness. our awareness  the sacred  presence that is dancing within as sacred love, bhakthi,  which binds mantra to mantra as breath lenghtens to reveal the infinite void space of light beyond breath as source, the pulse of ‘prana’, the fire within. in samadhi is the sacred eternal light the womb to human reality and the freedom to be source.
how else better can the seductive divine union be said, if not through silence as breath is the most expensive commodity to a yogi !? 
holding hands together and as in a oneness of this human breath, may we each in the radiance of our fire within  be fulfilled in our sacred journey! bless our human reality through the yogic truth of oneness!
aum anbe sivam!
in the purest joy

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