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Religion of Inner Light

Thoughts on religion provided by Sri Baba Nataraj as through Babaji’s wisdom:



Do not accept a religion on the grounds that it is believed in by the vast majority
of mankind. The vast majority of mankind believes practically in the religion of
Satan, in the religion of ignorance. There was a time when the vast majority of
mankind believed in slavery, but that is no proof of slavery being a proper institution.
Accept a thing and believe in its own merits. Examine yourself. Sift it. Do not sell
your liberty to Buddha, Jesus, Mohamed or Krishna. If three hundred and thirty-three
billion Christs appeared in the world, it will do no good unless you yourself undertake
to remove the darkness within. Do not depend on others. All religion is simply an
attempt to unveil ourselves  and to explain ourself. True religion means faith in Good,
rather than faith in God, for is not God good, great and above all kind? Remember
and realize that religion is a thing of the heart and virtue is a thing of the heart;
so is sin. Sin and virtue go hand in hand with your position and frame of mind.
Why should you consider yourself dependent on gods, Christ, Mohamed, Buddha
and Krishna or any of the saints of the world? Of course, you must have the grace
of a Sat guru Deva like Babaji, but at the same time, go beyond all forms.
–by Sathguru Kriya Babaji Sri Nagaraj
[1800 year old Immortal Mahavatar of the Himalayas]







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