Siva Yogi’s Tips: Pleasure of living!


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yogic tips: pleasures of living 



divine friend,

a beautiful new moon in its energies to convey as thoughts, so to be one in the greater flow. the deeper womb like sacred period where all is dissolved and that left is the radiant silent source in intellect as words to reach energies.

1. on waking up, as our consciousness comes back to the mind, question the mind and beyond the mind as how ‘sleep’ was experienced and what is this ‘awakened’ state that we ‘wake’ up into.
the above thought might sound complicative since it still provokes the mind to go within.
even better, hold the chin mudra posture the moment you wake up and think of yourself like a baby monkey holding on to its mother. a nice firm grip of the eternal womb’s comfort. the smaller index finger, the human- jivathman and the thumb, paramathman- the absolute. both connected to be one in energy. every breath in chin mudra every ‘awakened’ moment keeps us awake.


2. ideal to have yogic supplements like chwyanprash just before the start of yoga so our body absorbs the rejuvenative energies from the herbs even as it rejuvenates on cellular levels through the divine pleasure in doing our yoga. the pleasures of our daily hatha yoga is enhanced in the tantric light of finding union first with the body until avheving the spirit to cradle the body. the immense pleasurable joys are the supreme worship that allows us to know ourselves and our inner shrine. allowing the body to rejuvenate is much like being the log of wood aflame.

one of my gurus, siddhar rajaswamy would tell me, ‘after a siddhar attains becoming light and then beyond into the cosmic sound, they express thier wish to continue to extend goodness to all living on our planet earth. so they take the form of herbs and serve in subtle ways the evolving life.’  a herb works best when we love its bitterness and its natural taste as much as we love things our tongue normally loves.

3. the tool to search and find the purpose in our daily yoga and its meditative depth is the sacred lamp lit within.
if a yogi sat meditating on the lamp for days and months not really excited by the externals of hunger, heat and cold and pleasures of his radiant body, he must be doing something superlative, isnt it?

the lighting of the lamp to invoke the divine manifests our knowing of the lamp within. its within the muladhara that as body is carried. alighting the daily lamp in the physical sense allows the physical realities to be the extention of the greater purpose. the knowing and daily seeking.

4. an ancient directive in aurveda:

enjoy mother earth’s water in her room temperature. benefits- helps drink more water-drinking more water always good for the body and its fire; food is digested well with a healthy stomach fire and a deeper yogic perspective- be one in the element of water and pay worship to the basic element that in its outward manifestations is- our relationships, karmic realities and the surrender to mother nature’s nurturing energies.
a yogi gets a high drinking water!  yes!!!

bhakthi means divine love. hold thought forms that help to guide. mantras connect our mind to the larger entity of surrender.

when applying each bandha, it is natural to feel the kundalini fire grow above sparkling each chakra. this kundalini fire is the ‘guru’. this ‘guru’ is the wisdom that is beyond intellect. when the mind is plucked out of its sockets and placed in the protective grace of our seniors- we suffer no yoga injuries; we attain a pure body rejuvenation and the continued ‘peak’ energies as a 28 year old. outside limits of the mind is the cosmic womb that our mantra chant helps us unite. this cosmic womb of the ‘mind’ is as being the spirit and the purpose of human birth to find while alive. most ‘alive’ at the age of of around 28- the huge external energies now an immense innner jouney.  when tuned into the sacred energies, the peak energies are at work. the ‘peak’ energies guided.

the intellect guided.
the flow attained when it is best to be the lowest of the highest and not the highest of the lowest where superego blocks transforming grace.
through this daily journey is the orgasmic joys of knowing exquisite pleasure in our yoga- the bond of wisdom to have ‘bhakthi’, supreme love-  the most sacred gift of many life times.

like a drunkard drunk in the nectar of bliss with the experience of being spirit cradling the body, let the greater awareness of the mind as witness prevail to enable each day happen. the peak view and its eternal platforms of our knowing. great efficiencies of this birth. fulfilled and with reasons to look upwards for want of the eternal, all else is the great inspired dream that brought us as human in this birth to complete.

enjoy the sacred grace of profoundness that in our journey to be one unfolds!

unfolding as the divine embrace to each of you with gratitude and the inspiring knowing.

the daily pleasure of being.


adiyen nandhi on behalf of his masters

with folded hands!






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