Songs of Adi Sankara

Songs Of Adi Sankara- Compiled by Suresh Ramsait

Adi Sankara in Bhaja Govindam: Whether one is immersed in yoga

or in sensual pleasures that is bhoga;

Whether one finds company in multitudes

Or in complete solitude;

Who ever is always God-conscious is the one

Who attains everlasting ecstasy;

That ecstasy is incomparable and infinite!


Viveka Soodamani- Atmanatma Vivekam, sloka 222:

Without any misries; who is in the form of bliss; who himself perceives everything; shall wherever he may be, fear nothing.  The seeker of liberation from the endless cycle of birth and death, shall only by realizing his true nature find it, there is no other way.

Sloka 447:

When I realize that I am none other than God (Aham Brahma idhi vijjnanadh) the sins accumulated over ten billion kalpas (kalpakodi-sadha arjitham)-over countless births are due to the awakening (Prabhodhat) dissipiate like the deeds committed in the dream-state after waking up from slumber.


Adi Sankara Viveka Soodamani claims that Iam beyond the 3 states at Turiya.

Sloka 500:

Iam not related to the body (mai dehaena na sambhandha)  like the sky is not related to the clouds (vihayasa maihaena eva);  hence where would the woken, dream and deep-sleep natural states of the body come from? (adha that-tharma Jagrat-Swapna-Sushupti-Sushupthaya mai kuda).

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