Tantric Celibate


Tantrika, Visions Beyond Enlightenment



beyond beliefs imposed by collective intellectual ego is the truth of whom we are and where we are and what is the experience of the ‘now’ that contains source joy that is light.

at the muladhara, the root chakra,  is where 9999.9% of humanity climbing up to be be complete and in the maturity having grown above the navel like a ripe cucumber (the meaning and effects of the maha-moksha mantra).

in human karmic realities, the realm below the navel is good- being human and human responsibilities and completing the most sacred work inspired through the awake the muladhara fire. it is only in the completion of muladhara’s circle that we ripen above the navel to be celibate.

most aspiring to climb above without having completed the muladhara’s circle tumble above due to the weak foundation below.

below the navel is the muladhara, mahaganapathy’s grace. it is the muladhara’s realm where we adorn the senses to be guided as evolved.

blessings of each to each in this inner lamp. the lord of success dances here to be present when the five elements we are worshiped.

five element worship is lovemaking.

grace as that which awakens siddhis to the ‘human’ now be lord siva and utilize the human realities with absolute love- yes love making- make love within the inner fire to then recognize the mind as the horse, riding on each breath as with knowing and purpose. the breathless realm of the spirit the rider.

worship here honoring each other on planet earth as as goddesses and gods entails being satisfied at the muladhara chakra to be whole. as yogis we are the seedless desire taking form and letting the form be shrine and recognizing each other as the divine.

how many births we take to quench the muladhara imprints of karma laid by the the primary instinct?

above is the navel is the yogi, who has quenched the several life times thirst of the muladhara through knowing each facet of joy sacred and having burnt away the ripened mind.

what is the special lovemaking the yogi sages are doing immersed in a lamp fire for months, while being spirit alight in tapas in the human body?

we are the yogi/nis who enjoy the fruitfulness of the muladhara as angels making love and above the navel as spirit- the knower of human purpose- guided and as the hamsa, the sacred swan that guides the mind- gliding above while alighting each cell to thrive in the ascending yogic energies from the muladhara.

may the muladhara lamp be lit in each and the cosmic lovemaking be our each in experience of the fullest that completes. blessings of fulfillment that naturally evolves as divine in form too.

wholeness above, wholeness below. tantric celibate? celibate tantric?

gratitude to each of each!

blessings of wholeness!


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