The Goddess and Yoga


The Goddess and Yoga


gratitude to my divine masters who indulge me in the joy to know bhakthi, sacred love.
the goddess as our mother is always nurturing, kind and ready to forgive and transform our past for however it may be. to seek her as the awakened mother kundalini is being by her warm guiding grace and intense sacred love, bhakthi.
this guiding grace of the goddess through human realms evolves us through fulfillment and the fullness(awareness) within void, the surrender, that as wisdom enables us to see all of our perceptive reality as pure energy.
the hatha yoga, the yoga of the body postures, the asanas, is centered around awakening the kundalini fire. this inner fire heals and blossoms all in its ascending path above to seek the grand union. this ascending path is the spine and hatha yoga allows the body to be nurtured by the immense light that moves upward. the visualization of the golden light moving above form the base through the spine helps.  better still to enable the mind to sprout as the divine knowing is to be united by love, divine love- bhakthi to make the hatha yoga effective. yoga without spirituality  and the worship of her fire witrhin is like enjoying the feast and not being able to digest it.
‘one enjoying the whole within’ is the sacred union of with the awakened goddess with our awareness enjoying the blissful inner fire every breath, as the body allows the mind to be single pointed and is rejuvenated through the upward flowing energies.
siddhar rajaswamy, one of my wonderful masters  would says, ‘one woman is equal to 9 men’. to know mother kundalini and to worship her passionate embrace is the inspiration that makes the inner dreams come alive… one yogi/yogini expanding himself/herself to the nine dimensions of perfection by grace of the shakthi, the awakened yogini of energy.
within ourselves and in the human reality, the goddess worshipped is the completion of the sacred triangle that leads to the union of one.
this sacred triangle and the knowing of the triangles within triangles is tantiram, the root of tantra. adi shankara, the amazing sage who rejuvenated and revived  the sacred yoga principle of oneness, advaita,  in ancient india, has a secret to reveal to us. he would worship shakthi, the goddesss in all the places he went by travelling  foot – from the south tip of india to the himalayas and wherever he went, a powerful temple for the goddess came into being as inspiration of people who found thier fullness  and completion through the goddess worship. he would sing mostly to lord vishnu- the source of sustainence and nourishment- the energies of duty and our work while on the earthly realm that evolves us. he was siva. the supreme being as the eternal yogi. dressed as siva, carrying no possession, hardly any clothes- a renunciate, the eternal yogi
the three in mighty sage adi shankara’s worship was the goddess mother kundalini, the sustaining power of lord vishnu as the mind doing its duty as human; and the essence of siva, the holy ghost- the awakened spirit that is the source of mind that carries the body.. his philosophy was advaita, oneness. the objective of all forms of yoga.
enjoy the goddess in her grace that leads us to be One! pure wisdom in being love in itself as the union!
all her fulfilling guidance!
yoga and the divine goddess!

Chattai Muni Jnanam: the wisdom of this evolved siddhar ‘chatamuninathar’ who wore his body as a shirt, hence the name. celebrate the sacred evolving grace of the goddess with us!



”Kanappa poosai seyum muraiyai kellhai

     See dear fellow the system to be followed when performing poojas

for those who seek the intense truth of the science of worship…


     Kaymuraiyai suvadi vaithhu poosai seyvar

     Hand to hand passed on system users perform puja by placing suvadi (palm-leaf manuscripts)

worship the wisdom handed over by our guru lineage as in the ancient palm leaves written.


     Poonappa sila paerthan deepam vaithhu

     Jointly dear fellow some persons place a holy-flame

alight the lamp together,  soul companions!


     Pugallaha poosai seyvar pennai vaithhu

     To claims of fame some perform pooja by placing a woman (as a Goddess)

by worshipping the goddess, the femine divine attribute blesses us noble acheivements as a good name in the human reality


     Nallhappa chakrathhai poosai seyvar

     Days together some perform puja on chakras

through the four energy centers and within the sacred geometry of the energy center is our worship done


     Namudaya poosai yenna meru pola

     Our pooja,you know like mount meru (Kailash but symbolically the pinnacle or highest form of worship)

our worship is above the sahasrara, the higher peak above ourselves, the conscious center of the awakened, blossoming as the thousand petal-  the worship here is the most potent.


     Odhappa narpathhu mukkonam vaithhae

      While chanting and placing forty triangles

immersed in her sacred vibrations, place the forty triangles of divine perceptions together to bring ourselves to the oneness of the goddess within, the mind the yantra.


       Uthamanae,poosai seyvar siddhar thamae”

        Most exalted one,this is how siddhars perform pujas.”

divine friend, this is how those who have attained the knowing and her grace as the perfected being, do the worship!”


*translated/transliterated/probable insights by suresh and nandhi, from tamil to english


aum shareen hareeng shareeng tirupura sundariye namaha!






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