Thiru Appar Servant of Siva


Appar (Navukkarasar)

Contributed by EUGENIO & SOBHANÁ visit this wonderful website on Sri Ramalinga Swamy, a Siddhar saint who attained Light in the near recent history!)


Brief Biography:

He was born in Tiruvamoor in Tirumunaipadi Nadu, in the 7th century. His sister Tilakavathiar became a mother for him when their parents died. Marulneekiar, even while young, realized the unreality of the world and engaged himself in all kinds of charitable works. One day, while he was worshipping the Lord and sang hymns, a celestial voice said: From now on you will be known as Tiru Navukkarasar, Lord of Speech. Your glory will spread everywhere. Tirunavukkarasar became a staunch devotee of Lord Siva and lived in Him repeating the Panchakshara Mantra.

Tirunavukkarasar spent his days in worshipping and serving the Lord in various ways, to set an example even to saints that they should not relax their eternal spiritual vigilance, lest they should fall a prey to Maya, and to exhort them to lead the ideal life of a humble devotee for the guidance of others. He also visited many sacred shrines.

At Tiruvarur, he had the Lords Darshan. His heart was overflowing with love; he shed tears of love; he danced in joy; he was immersed in divine Bliss. During another pilgrimage, Appar felt the pangs of hunger as he was approaching Tirupainjeeli. Lord Siva wanted to appease his hunger and thirst. He created a tank and a garden on the way, so that Appar could quench his thirst and rest. The Lord Himself waited there in the guise of a Brahmin and gave food to Appar as soon as he arrived at the place. Appar took the food, drank the water and was resting when the Brahmin enquired where he was going. He said that he was going to Tirupainjeeli. They both started to walk. When they were near the place, the Brahmin suddenly disappeared, and Appar understood that he was none other than the Lord Himself.

Once Appar felt a desire to go to Kailasa and crossed many thick forests infested by wild animals, walking night and day. By his mere look, the wild animals became tame. Appar mentally prayed to the Lord: Oh Lord, give me a fresh body, so that I may continue the journey. The Lord himself kept Appar invisible company, giving him encouraging words, until the time in which the Lord directed him to take bath in a near-by tank and said:  You will see Me and My Abode Kailasa in Tiruvayar. Appar, repeating the Panchakshara, took a dip in the tank. When he came out of the tank, found himself in the tank at Tiruvayar, hundreds of miles away to the south. He came outside and saw everywhere Siva and Sakti. He entered the temple and saw Mount Kailasa there. He saw Lord Siva seated with Mother Parvathy, surrounded by gods, and celestial servants praising His glory. He went into a trance and sang His glories and danced.

He meet the great saint Jnana Sambandar for three times and they visited together many sacred places. In these encounters, they fell at each others feet and shed tears of love, setting an example in saintly conduct.

Finally, when Appar returned to Tirupukalur, Lord Siva wanted to test him there but Appar remained undisturbed because his entire heart and soul was centred on the Lotus Feet of the Lord. Appar spent the rest of his life in this place and at the age of 81 merged himself in Lord Siva.



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