Unfold a magical 2007! Yogic Tips

unfold the magical 2007 of yogic realities!
Yogic Tips

wonderful divine one,

we step into the threshold of knowing the vastness of our mind and the beautiful womb space of the divine that holds each thought in the oneness that as one we seek to be. yes, transforming times as in the heart and minds of all who enjoy this infinite joy realm. may 2007 unfold the inspiring and fulfilling grace of wellbeing, knowing and the essence of one that manifests thoughts from the joy form we are.

the knower of joy who is experienced in the mind- lord vishnu is described as by our siddhar wisdom as in the sound experience of  ‘ari’ – (aa ree) the sustaining energies of the absolute. ariven is the meditative oneness to be spirit in the human experience .

yogic insights  that enables empower the mind as the source’s tool to enable ourselves be the knower, the ariven:

1. on waking up, hold both your palms before your two eyes. slowly bring your awakening mind to see each of your palms- right palm over the right eye and left palm over the left eye. seeing our palms as the first vision entitles us to a day of abundance, inspiring energies and the flow of the moment through completion of each moment in wholeness, i.e, fulfillment.  for within the palm resides all the deities of the absolute representing all the different dimensions- wisdom, intellect, grace of guidance, sustenance, creative energies, destruction of ignorance and a countless million gods and goddesses of human perception.

2. bring your awareness to your father in your right palm and slowly inhale and block the breath at the muladhara. as you exhale feel the energies move through the right side of our body upwards slowly. pay gratitude to your father and feel your body respond in the joys of the expression of gratitude.

do not retain breath at this moment as you have just woken up and wish to come into the mind and body aligned with the spirit. retention of breath makes us in an instant the spirit. we need now to come into our human experience and align it with the divine. a nice way of saying good morning to ourselves and the world isnt it?:)

likewise, look at your left palm and visualize your mother and take a slow inhale.  and as you exhale, feel the energies of the moonlike rejuvenative breath flow upwards through the left.

feel gratitude for the body that was gifted by our father and mother.
place the right palm over the right eyes and left palm over the left eyes and receive the primal love and blessings from your father and mother. feel the unconditional warmth flow into you.

3. enjoy the first breaths of waking up with infinite patience. they are the most sacred as they define the whole day’s experience when we align it.

now we bring our awareness to our breath. our mind is crystal clear to experience breath and the energies within breath.
inhale visualizing the breath taken from the left nostril and gently exhale feeling the moon energies rise upwards. do it a few times till you feel you are in the womb of the goddess. the moon energies of the left breath are light blue to visualize, cooling to experience and like the sleep of intense sleep.
slowly bring your conscious to the right side.
likewise inhale through the left and visualize the breath move upwards through the right igniting the sun energy in you. the sun energy is bright, white, radiant and warm. it is like the moment we spring into the sexual orgasm. it is like the awakened awake experience of huge ascending energies.

by bringing your awareness to the right breath- the sun energy and the left breath- the moon energy, the mind acquires the higher frequencies of harmony through the balance of the opposite energies within ourselves and the empowerment of concentration through awareness of energy flow within.

4. now take a deep inhale and retain the breath for a while below at the muladhara chakra. gently squeeze the pelvic floor and experience the sensual divine lamp lit within.  exhale slowly through the third eye and step into the cosmic orgasmic realms.
get out of bed but remember each breath down to the muladhara and held.
if the temperature is cold, the better.
enjoy the process of the body heating up from the lamp within.
to speed the heating process, lift your arms up above the sky and open your heart as you exhale slowly. distinguish the spirit in ourselves as the lamp, the body that we as the spirit are within and the infinite cosmic womb of oneness. much like christ’s arms stretched out, lengthen the arms.
now, take a deep inhale and press the two arms on to the rib cage like you are holding and squeezing a note book on your chest.
the first flames of the tummo is created for the morning.  the ones who know this tummo is ariven. this is the higher teachings of yoga. to be in tummo is to stay connected with source each breath, the body belong to the universe- hence the word for the sage who is one in cosmic consciousness- digambara. digambara means clad in sky. the body alight and in one with mother nature and the five elements consumed by the inner fire.

5. bring your consciousness now to time. begin to think of time like a delicious fruit. a sensual fruit that will be enjoyed each breath. place into your awareness in the human reality plane the need to do your daily yoga before the day gets started. sun salutation to begin your day is highly recommended.  as you do sun salutation, experience the left breath, the right breath, the retention of breath at the muladhara and the exhale to experience the joys of being the spirit. for those who wish for turiya yoga’s guidance on the subtle and gross energies of sun salutation, pls go to this link and download your free picture-

in this freedownload picture of sun salutation, surya namaskaram there are descriptions of subtle energies. each day with practice, a newer and deeper facet will open up to you. if the mainstream hatha yoga practice is the computer, turiya yoga is the software within- the science of yogic wisdom of the meditative depths.
let your intellectual mind follow the description lightly through experience as you go through asana to asana slowly, enjoying the gush of energy through each part of the body and the energy centers (there are 72000 nadis/energy centers in our body we experience!), centering ourselves through the muladhara, enjoying the spirit of our experience climb above the body like an erect king cobra that lifts the body, and then coming back as spirit into the body as the snake sliding from asana to asana in the sensual human experience- experience the body’s wellbeing; the mind’s inspiring joys; the spirit having consumed the mind. ‘i am’ is the experience. the core of oneness.

6. when you begin your day, you might want to begin by feeling like christ, the child of god. especially at work. if our work is an inspiring creative joy, then we can play like children with an innocent mind. this innocent mind that carries only love and no other baggage,  is connected to source. it manifests since it is aligned to our joy, and being aligned to our inner joy is to be aligned to source.

on the right hand side, upper corner of your day planner- begin by witting 6 things you are grateful for. write another 6 things if inspired. bundle thoughts as in 6 in number so to enjoy the creative expansion of the mind as in the star of david/muruga yantra and enable the thoughts package to manifest easily.

now begin writing your plan for the day. by expressing gratitude first, we surrender to the joys that allow our innermost heart’s need to manifest. by starting with gratitude, we are telling our cosmic mother and father that we are happy and ready to receive all the grace.

tapasyogi adiyen nandhi, along with all his wonderful seniors, the gurus of inner fire, wish you, your loved ones and all around you- may 2007 be the awakened joys in our being one!

pranaams to each of you, the arivens. blessings and grace of each to each!

anbe sivam, the love formed essence of divine wisdom,


with folded hands and love! anbe sivam



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