Who is Lord Siva: Thirumandiram by Siddhar Thirumulanathar


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Who is Lord Siva: Thirumandiram by Siddhar Thirumulanathar


He is Cosmic Awareness


He is Sentience,


He is Gracious Wisdom;


He is embrace,


He is union in divine awareness,


He stood as Body Cosmic.
By His Might He supports worlds seven,
By His Might He is subtler than atom,
By His Might He surpasses The eight mountain ranges in directions eight,


By His Might, the oceans roar.


My Lord is of infinite greatness,


Yet is He within the littleness of this fleshly body;


Beyond the ken of Celestials is He;


Yet in prayer and penance,


He himself shall appear to you.


The shoot of tiny banyan seed,


As a mighty tree within foul body grew


And rich ripe fruit it bore;


They who ate, forever remained to be;


The fools who did not,


Remained in body,


Tossed about from birth to birth.
In the sea-girt world filled with sorrows,


Seek Inner Light in life here led,


The Lord resides within this body,


May you meet Him ever,


On the waves of Seas High.


He is the Divine Spark


Inside desires stand;


He is the Divine Spark,


Into the Three Lights-Sun, Moon and Fire-waxes,


He is the Divine Spark,


In the Fore-head Center as our Thought seated,


The Tapasvins great, too, unto Him stand.
He is of the rich matted locks,


He is of hue golden,


Unattached He is,


Yet immanent in all He is,


He is omnipresent, birthless,


Incessant He stands,


In all worlds seven.


He is Within the Flower’s Fragrance


Sentience He is, Life He is


Union He is, Senses He is


Continuity beyond Thought He is,


Within the Fragrance of the Flower He is.


Yet in prayer and penance

He Himself shall appear to you.



~   Siddhar  Thirumulanathar



Compiled by Ariguhanatha





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