Womb of the Goddess and Yoga

Womb of the Goddess and Yoga

Thu, October 13, 2005 – 2:24 PM

deep within, in our surrender, as to know only the sustaining throb of the source with our mind-body thought becoming the baby.. what journey as yoga becomes! the receiving from mother life then is in plentitude, undilluted and intense.

consolidate sacredness of time as yom kippur and navrathri and ramzan and the moment of now.

blessing to each of the beauty and joy within our sparkling renewal!

renewal as sensitive. sensitive to all the living. cheers to ahimsa, the resonating peace and love found through as in becoming one so as each becoming the embodiment of our great soul gandhiji.

as in the hug of amma

as in the enlightening light of supreme self as graced by sri ramana maharishi

as in the wisdom fire of sri ramakrishna paramahamsa

as in each of us in these precious times

as with whose mantras we share breath with

so allah, siva, jehovah and all the resonating aaaaaas as heart’s wisdom transcend the human to be peace, harmony and pursuit of enlightenment.


may this be each of our inner wish!
womb of the goddess blessed as the cosmic child!

aum in the ascending wisdom raining abundance in intellectual; in the calm bliss of  receiving. receive!

adiyen nandhi


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