Yoga and the Focus

Yoga and the Focus!


Siddhar Agasthyanathar is revered as an eternal primordial Sage in North and South India. He is said to have initiated Maha Avathar Babaji, giving the grace of transformation into the golden body.


All the Siddhars mention the Third Eye as being very important in the yogic journey. It is here that the doors to perfection opens. It is relevant to be able to utilize the higher divine perfection in our earthly realms so to evolve- to evolve as human and dissolve the karmic heaviness of birth and death. It is this ‘control’ center that also regulates the upward flow of kundalini so to be in harmony with our daily lives in the fulfilling divine grace. The Third Eye is where the grand union, the yoga, takes place- Siva, the Supreme Consciousness with Sakthi, the Energy that manifests, sustains and destroys.

Unfolding Wisdom


In Siddhar Agasthyanathar’s writting, translated is his divine guidance-

Agasthyas Sowmya Sagaram 1200:

328. Aachappa Arul nirayandha puruva matthi

It happens in the eyebrow center that is filled in Divine Grace

Anda bahir andam mendra adhi veedu

This ancient house contains infinite universes;

Paechappa peruki nindra adhi veetil

Description in words falls short in being able to describe what is contained inside the ancient house;

Pilamana pancha Karthaal Pancha Sakthi (Brahma/Saraswathi- Muladhara/Svathisthana Chakra, Vishnu/Laxmi- Manipura /Anahatha Chakra, Rudran/Kali- Anahatha/Vishuddhi Chakra, Maheshwara/Easwari- Saharara Chakra, Sadasivan/Sakthi- Ajna Chakra, the Third Eye)

The omni-potent Divine Five-Gods and respective Goddesses;

Moochappa nirayandhadoru sudhargal moondru

Within breath is the sacred three fires; (Surya- breath through right nostril, Chandra- breath through left nostril, Agni- the fire within)

Munayana Sulimunai thaan Motcham endru

Beyond is the ascending Sushumna, the Source that enlightens;

Pochappa andha idhamae sondhamaha

Go above and claim this home your very own

Bhuddi udan andha idathai poosai pannae

Utilizing intellect, in this sacred place, do your worship!”

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