Yoga into higher self- Yoga Tips


yoga into higher self: yoga tips



divine one,

in the perch above we enjoy the luxuries within death and the joys of being spirit rowing the mind’s dance alive in joy.

the dance, the dancer and the being one in joy.

when the awakened ‘soul’ feels the body again- it is a huge well mannered elephant that is housed in the karmic hut of the body. the gentle elephant tramples circumstances of the human due to the sheer immenseness while trying to be ‘gentle’ in the human role.

immense to be in all the minds as the mind beyond the ‘mind’ by being one as the eternal lamp lit.

there are two forms of yoga.

one form- the yoga to find joys in being the spirit .


the other form- the yoga of the spirit enjoying the mind and the perception as the involving ‘game’. as spirit knowing joy and the energies within knowing this joy as the mind absorbed. the spirit coming back into body..

each breath.

the higher is beyond sleep as the knowing surrender into the huge void womb of nothingness, awake in being the immenseness of the eternal.

yogi tips-

1. when doing the asanas, feel the body as a pyramid and connect to the three points of the base/foundation to enjoy limitless stability. i.e, while doing sun salutaion at the namaste posture- feel the fire of balance between the two legs and the base chakra lamp of awareness connect forming the trinity on mother earth as the body pyramid. when our eyes are open, fix the spot of focus- called drishti so the triangle can be formed.

2. know dizziness as the space in-between the mind and spirit. beyond dizziness is the single pointed spot of focussed awareness. attain holding this ‘spot’ through each asana. ‘advanced’ yogis after many years of acrobatics still find it hard to attain. to merge into this spot  knowing the union is the surrender into the light that is source to awareness while the mind is dissolved. a child like mind knows this space as joy. the yogis hold this sacred spot as the guru residing between the eyebrows. all of us know it in our deepest sleep when our mind and eyes are in stillness of the sleepless sleep.

3. come back to the body often and into the moment of now while doing our yoga. hatha yoga is effective when a huge big center within ourselves is our home and we extend ourselves to the limitless energies returning back home to the center. the body is our karmic baggage, the sum total of past brought to the present. when coming back home into the center, recognize the body as the holy shrine.  from the experience of being the spirit coming back into the mind and body- exhale slowly as though the whole skin is breathing out. imagining the skin exhaling brings us into the mind and body.

4. in the inhale, feel the breath fill the lower stomach all the way below the navel. block the breath. alight lord ganapathy ‘s lamp below and in the retention of breath, allow the flame within to grow upwards. all activities of thought and action is guided into higher self and higher realms with the knowledge of the lamp within our muladhara. tend this lamp throughout our yoga time and the all the time when awake.

5. our yoga journey is the supreme joy that flows with our breath that craddles the body, massaging the body sheath through every breath flow and in the process, the body is dissolved away in higher consciousness . the spirit craddling the body. tumo, the inner heating system works in the surrender of body to breath. the yogi’s body wading through cold and heat circumstance divinely protected. in samadhi is the little flame kept alive as the divine presence in the eternal dance while covered in ash. the ash is intellect and the fire within is wisdom.

6. the third eye and the sacred space within is reached through inner and external inputs. the inner is the input of god/absolute/divine as grace that flows joyfully making us eager for more of it. 
the external is the guiding of breath through kechari, when the tongue stands erect behind and like a dolphin, we utilize the sacred inner resonance of brahmara nadi to locate the absorbing light and get above to our ancient delightful perch. while swimming in the river of wisdom that slowly but surely reaches the ocean, sacred teachings unfold as  kechari and brahmara nadi when the past is lost to the moment of now.  all in right time when we are able to experience the joy and more joys of the supreme surrender. all that is left is the universe of universe and the mind/body sheath and the human purpose.

the perch between the eyebrows.

blessings of joy that guides us ever deeper with wisdom to be.

all else as perfect in the momentum of unfolding human realities, in its fulfilling grace!

aum shanthi

adiyen nandhi

with folded hands!




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