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Yoga Journey





Sharing with you a divine poetry of Siddhar Pattinathar.

Pattinathar was at one time an infuential and rich merchant. One day, he woke up realizing his true journey due to the words spoken by his divine son. His journey into enlightenment and beyond into realms of eternal is remarkable as he did finally attain becoming light itself. When connected to Source his words from loud silence is poetic wisdom.




Pattinathar –  Jnanam 100:

8.Kaatrudanae saerthu kanal uruvai kanda vallhi

Merging the breath with the Fiery Form (Mother Kundalini) that as divine path reveals;


Maatri ini pirakka vaaradhae yetra pade

Once on this ascending pathway- you will not take any more births ;


Odi alayadhae Omkarath ull oliyai

Need not have to look around but within Aum to find the Light;


Naadi irupom manamae naam”

As the Eternal Mind ours becomes!”



The translations of Siddhar Pattinathar are perhaps for the first time ever in English from Tamil.



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