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Kalangi Yoga
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a pose insight on Uttanasana- Sacred Surrender

The worship of the body temple to be in the inner heart’s shrine as lit requires the external mind to find harmony. Yoga is this union of the external with the inner eternal.
The inner harmony transforming the external turbulence into calm bliss is the fruit of yoga. However, the seed of yoga is transcending the layers of turbulence of the mind to reach the all knowing blissful source.
The external dualities of emotions in every aspect has this seed of yoga.

Yoga is the transformation of this ‘negative’ into the positive.
Yoga transcends the past and future into the mighty eternal present that breaks free the karmic chain.
Yoga is the surrender of mind’s burden to be allow the divine flow.

The Surya Namaskar (sun salutation) is revered as the single most important sequence of asanas. It is because the Surya Namaskar asanas are by themselves in tune with duality and they grip the duality of the mind to establish the flow into oneness.
This asana, the uttanasana, the forward bend is a powerful posture in its ability to get the body prepared for the journey and more important, the preparation of the mind and along with it our life.
When in this posture ( Surya Namaskar sequence), hold this posture and bring out all the disturbing emotions and disturbing thoughts. All thoughts are slowly subdued and gradually thoughts vanish in this posture. Gently acknowledge surrender and feel the huge void of no-thought. It is this blissful knowing behind this void that rises as wisdom to guide the yogi deeper.
In this moment of surrender, all feelings, emotions and past worries become tools to go deeper even as the fruits of this depth, which is ‘the knowing’ , consumes us into oneness.
oneness as the bliss within.

Enjoy the freedom of surrender!


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