Yoga of the Perfected Beings


Yoga of the Perfected Being


Arindhu kollu purakamae Sariyai markam

     Realize that puraka(inhalation)is the path of Chariya

inhaling the divine breath realizing our inner most need to unite!



     Adanguhindra kumbakamae Kiriyai markam

     The breath that is retained is the path of Kriya

the retained breath holds the higher wisdom that guides!


     Pirindhu varum rechakamae Yoga markam

     The exhaled breath that is separated is the path of Yoga(integration)

the exhaled breath climbs up as mother kundalini the source of duality. understanding the ida and the pingala fires in the exhale is the sacred union of yoga!


     Pisahamal nindra adhuvae Jnana markam

     The unwavering-stand is the path of Jnana(wisdom)

holding the  divine stillness within is wisdom!


      Arindhu udalil puhukindra prana vayu

      Realizing that the dynamic prana that enters the body

the body is infused in the life sustaining flow of light!


      Mahathana Siva-Sakthi adangum veedu

      Is the exalted Siva-Sakti that subsides in the body house-complex

the body temple becomes the  welcomed shrine for the supreme self, siva and the goddess  sakthi!


      Sirandhu manam thellivahi saerndhon Siddhan

      The Siddhar is the perfected one whose fully-blossomed mind is crystal-clear

the one whose perfect mind is connected to source is a siddhar!


      Siva-Siva avan avan endru uraikalam

      He could thus be hailed as Siva-Siva repeatedly!”

worship the one, the perfected being in you, as siva, sivaa!!!

translated from original Tamil by Suresh and Nandhi.



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