Yoga of transformation

Yoga of Transformation


where limitations break into effortless infinity with the flow of energy,
yoga is the knowing that blossom above
that transforms
that which we are as below
as earth
as human
as the five senses

below the navel is karmic dance that seeks fulfillment with a powerful mind that accumulates mutilple thoughts to be fulfilled as the junkyard, as clutter
passing time

as youth diminishing to
age and ignorance

causing old-age

lighting the lamp below at the muladhara

where the five senses of the elephant like mind isplaced on a human divine body. feel the orgasmic resonance of aUm.


the four pink petals gently unfold as with each inhale
dance in the ecstasy of fire scorching the multitude
of thoughts into One
surrounded by the twin wives of duality,
nurturing maya and passionate mohini.

holding the breath so gently within,
from the muladhara rise,
aware of the sushumna
the central stalk
that is entwinned by the sacred duality
now absorbed as the prana in breathforce-
as the sun and the moon,
the two pathways
duality transformed
sun as the inner fire built in the resonance of the fire within
moon as the cool grace of light
intellect consumed in the knowing
the pathway leading above to merge as
above as the guru

as the blossom of the senses
into the becoming the fruit
of yoga,
seedless desire
of tantiram
of the
maha- yogi
is the ‘i’ transformed as He!

surging upward as the hissing divine serpent
passionate in the need for union,
climb feeding the sacred fire
on karma
the present body
of the physical
the subtle nature.

(the residual ash of this sacred fire-
the grace of perfection in eartly realms!)

the climb upwards within the breath held
rejuvenates the fire consumed body
when the flood
of the single thought
seats between the eyes, entwinned in Source.

finite and the infinite
both as One
reality as thought
yoga as manifestation
of perception from the mindless eternal mind

the blossom above
as the eternal freedom

Aum Siva Yogi!
dedicated to Sri Shekhar Swamy

 The Enlightening