Yoga Reality

Yoga Reality

The higher perch- the third eye







in the midst of reality is the one dwelling as three
one as brahma the ego
one as vishnu the mind
one as siva the supreme-self

all then is the united to be one

the three of the divine is as moon the mind ..reflecting the sun of knowing …with sakthi as bliss in the kundalini climb!

the three of dwelling is the tender lingam of the lamp of divine life throbbing as siva in the body lingam and body the space element, universal as the almighty as the infinite lingam!

the three of the mind in harmony to manifest as the past and future twirled into the body and mind on fire… the present in the infinite breath and the infinite breath as freedom to be, the peak’s view… !

dwelling below to enjoy the human as divine guests to be honored, know the bed of resting to be above.. perched between the eyebrows…
what you see is!
what you need becomes!
what we wish to be, we are.. being That and then having become!

climb as inspired!

in the reality plane of the yogi, ‘the knowing’ is the peak’s view that enables grand fulfillment!


aum namah sivaya!

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