Yoga that empowers

Yoga that empowers


when good minds realize the power that manifests every thought, as divine grace, then dharma sprouts fulfillment in the heart’s garden.

in this earthly realm is the body and its karma and its source of karma.

when we cry ‘why me?’ through our circumstances, the goddess gently lifts us to the next orbit as our question transcends to ‘who am ‘i’?’. she is this source that gives form to karma and the dharma & wisdom that dissolves karma too. in this wonderful duality, are we born into each day after a good night’s sleep.
while asleep the mind is in the womb of the passionate divine mother who nurtures the body without pangs of hunger or any other need.
while in yoga, we strive to attain the eternal energy within each breath and in this plunge within that seeks enjoyment of a ‘sleeping’ mind, the siddhar sages keep the lamp of awareness lit.
the lamp of awareness transforms the karma as maya into the joy of evolving fulfilment with acts of dharma, the umbilical cord to the source.
in yoga is the tamil word ‘yogam’ that means plentitude and luck in enterprise.
to be union ‘aware’ in the source means a dissolved mind that as the third eye is eternally awake. standing erect like a cobra and surging upward from each breath, rising from below, to plug into the source. sage lady avaiyar, an immortal being of light, a siddhar, sang, ‘in the river running between the eyebrows is the wisdom source that waits for our union’. all siddhar sages teach the importance to be in ajna chakra, ‘the third eye’ as it establishes the harmonious dance of the kundalini energy that enables mind to utilize the divine perfection in our daily lives.

the process in a few words-

– in the beginning- each inhale, feel the energy spiral up from the feet and into the muladhara.
– hold the breath at the muladhara, being gentle with the breath. retain the breath like how you will hold a new born chick…with love, care and tenderness.
– focus while retaining the breath- in the joy that rises above the muladhara straightening the spines and lighting the guru chakra just above the navel.
– with the resonance through mantra chants,like the build up of frequency in singing bowl, let the mantra absorb breath and along with it, the mind. the joy of the ‘mindlessness’ in the form of the melody within the mantra.
– with each inhale, retaining the breath gently in the muladhara, let the inner light gently climb upwards.
– seek the wisdom gate in the retention of breath with focus on the third eye.
– exhale the mantra as a song dancing in the freedom to be one with the source, through the third eye … the divine light there.. as the guru in wholeness guides. the limited mind transforms.

in daily hatha yoga practice, if the flow into this source is sought, the journey of our evolution gathers fulfilling grace. that is called ‘yogam’, the essence of yoga as the pure union.

all the joy of being set free!

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